Attention Tony Snow

Hey Tony Snow, just a few comments for you today…

The Bush administration has taken credit for increased funding on cancer research. This my friend is a lie and you off all people should know this. A lie that is propagated by George W. Bush and his official liars known as his press secretaries. Liars like you.

While it is true that funding for cancer research increased during the early part of the Bush reign they were a result of policies that were in place during the Clinton era. Your boss, George W. Bush proposed a $40 million CUT in cancer research funding for his 2007 budget alone. Add that to the extra carcinogens in our environment that have found a friend in the Bush administration and have been allowed to flourish under the protection of obliterated environmental regulations, thanks to the Bush administration, and you have a wonderful situation in which cancer can grow!

18,000 Americans die every year for the simple reason that they do not have health insurance. Hey Tony, do you know that that means? It means that the health policies under your boss’s administration are six times more dangerous to the American people every year than 9/11 was once! This is not to say past administrations were wonderful but a few of them at least tried to look as if they actually cared about the American people!

I’m sorry Tony, but while I wish you no harm and I think cancer is a terrible thing, I am having a hard time mustering up sympathy for the spokesperson of an administration that has worked so hard to make cancer death more available to the little people…you know…American citizens!   Think about it!


Bush & the Environment
Bush & Cancer Funding

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  1. See Jesse this is your problem. Your blatent disregard for human life. You can disagree with a persons politics but that doesn’t mean you can just say that you have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who might die.

  2. Jesse says:

    Binladensucks….I don’t follow your logic. Are you saying that I can’t have a hard time feeling sorry for someone? What are you talking about?

    Let me say this clearly…I could care less of Tony Snow has cancer. Is that better. If it was Cheney, his wife, kids or loved ones, I would be downright happy to see them suffer. I have never hated anyone in my life as much as I hate Cheney. I am just letting you know…just in case he gets sick. Then again…roaches live through anything, even radiation!

    I am saying what many people want to say but are afraid to look bad. Nonesense. The men and women of the Bush administration are ruthless murderers. They have destroyed so much in so little time. I could care less of they die. The world gets better each time one of them do!

    Let me ask you this…how many people do you think have been murdered by the Bush administration? It is very possible that every single Iraqi will die and most people in the region, including Israel will die from what the Bush administration did there. Can you say “depleated uranium?” Do you know how many people are going to die from the poison we left there? Do you know that the DU cloud reached our shores? Do you know that the radiation from the “shock and awe” campaign dropped more radiation on the UK than an above ground nuclear test! How many people will get cancer from that?

    I have no problem hating these guys and I have no place in my heart for sympathy for the devil, or in the case of the Bush administration the devils!

  3. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    I do not mindlessly support anyone–and I do mean ANYONE. I have very high regard for Jesse, but on the rare occasion that I disagree with him, I say so.

    And so I am saying that BINLADENSUCKS, your comment was idiotic. Absolutely moronic. There are hardly ever comments on blog entries, but this is what gets one from you–a mini-rant about sympathy for a piece of human shit like Tony Snow?

    It goes like this: Tony Snow is a liar. And not a liar the same way everyone is a liar. Not the same way a car salesperson is a liar. Not the same way the guy who comes to your house and gives you a quote on reshingling it is a liar. Not the same way the asshole at the car dealer is a liar when he says you need new brakes when they actually have 20,000 miles of life left in them.

    No, Tony Snow is a liar and an enabler. His lies help people who want our children to suffer the effects of global warming tomorrow, so their already ultra-wealthy scumbag buddies in the oil industry can make even more money today. His lies help people violate the US Constitution, break laws, steal money from US taxpayers, murder innocent Iraqis, and commit innumerable other atrocities and illegalities.

    If someone raped your mother, and that person came down with cancer, would you feel empathetic toward them? No? Gee, why not? Well, why the hell should us normal people empathize with a piece of human garbage the likes of Tony Snow?

    Again I am not agreeing with Jesse just to agree, nor do I think he needs or wants me speaking for him, but this shit is easy, isn’t it? These people are liars, thieves, and murderers, and anyone who knowingly helps them richly deserves suffering and demise.

  4. I’m sorry, i just kind of assumed that you guys were opposed to the death penalty. Sorry

  5. Jesse says:


    Death penalty? This is not punishment. I did not say that he got what was coming to him or even that he deserves to get ill. I was just saying I don’t care if he suffers. I don’t have sympathy for evil people. I am not a bleeding heart…in case you have not realized that from the thousands of pages of writing that I have published;-)

  6. Catherine says:

    I don’t care if Tony Snow has cancer. I don’t care if he suffers. When I think of all the suffering that the Bushies have caused on the planet in the time they’ve been in power, cancer pales by comparison. Snow took the job of Bush’s mouthpiece straight from Faux News. He knew he’d be lying when he accepted the job, just like he knows Faux News is a propaganda machine.Tony Snow is a LIAR, just like his bosses George Bush and Dick Cheney are liars.


  7. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    I am opposed to the death penalty, but that’s neither here nor there. Tony Snow’s illness isn’t a “penalty”, and we haven’t condemned him with it. If anything, he has his own hand in that, since he supports the kind of right-wing, unregulated, corporations-first nonsense that allows toxic filth to be belched into the sky without regard for the public health, ground water to be contaminated if it saves a few bucks to donors, and agencies like the CPSC to be rendered nearly useless to protect consumers. How many cases of cancer has right-wing policy caused? One has to wonder.

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