Details, Details

This morning CNN was holding a live interview with someone in Aruba regarding the missing Holloway woman. They are discussing the latest detail of the case which is the fact that they are doing DNA testing on hair that was found on some duct tape. The pretend journalist lady person also brought up the fact that she understands that they will be doing layered voice analysis as well. The pretend journalists is making the interviewee “back up” and explain all the details of what this voice technology is and she wants to know if it is used in the US. This pretend journalist really did some homework on this issue that has no affect on the nation.

When was the last time you heard that kind of detail examined on CNN about a vital issue? When do you see the toy news men and women use their questioning skills on issues that affect us? When have they ever made a politician “back up” and explain something that they just said? Wouldn’t it be nice if these pretend journalists used their skills for our benefit? Think about it!

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