Unqualified 9/11 Opinions

When you converse with an individual about a topic of which you have little knowledge, understanding or experience, you don’t chime in with opinions that contradict the information provided to you by the expert. For example if you ask someone for help with a computer because you can’t seem to access the Internet you are not going to stand there and blurt out your theories on why the problem is occurring, especially if you really don’t know much about computers. You are not going to say that you have bad cell phone reception in your home and that may provide a clue as to what the real problem is. You are not going to force him or her to take a look at your cell phone because it may help them solve your Internet problem. You’ll look like an idiot!Take 9/11 for example. I have been researching the events of 9/11 for about five years. I spend tens of hours per week keeping up on as much 9/11 related news and information as I can. I run TvNewsLIES.org full time. I don’t have a day job. (That’s why I need your support!!!) So I would pretty much say that I know a lot more about a lot of issues than the average investment banker, who may work 70 hours per week in the field of investment banking.

So why is it when I meet someone who has a full time job in a vocation that is completely unrelated to 9/11 they feel that their opinions about this issue are as valid as mine? I read a little bit about many subjects but I don’t go around correcting the conclusions and findings of various specialists. Even though I have owned and played guitar for almost thirty years I don’t tell my friend Jeff that my guitars are the best ever made because he owns a music shop (http://ampandguitar.com) and has been repairing musical instruments for 40 years. He knows better. Even though I have been a software engineer and systems developer I don’t tell my friend Fred, who is one of the best computer programmers I have ever know, how to construct an application. He knows better. I just wonder why programmers, and guitar shop owners and every Joe in the street thinks that they can jump in to a discussion about an issue like 9/11 and feel as if they are equally qualified to draw conclusions as people who have been researching the issue for years. They shouldn’t because we know better.

I know a lot about computers. When I help novices and even experts with their computers they usually sit quietly as I troubleshoot their systems. Sometimes they ask me questions and sometimes they just listen to my unsolicited explanation. Even if they are computer savvy they deffer to me on the computer issues that I know more about. I just wonder why the same people don’t show the same reasonable respect for persons with a higher level of experience when it comes to issues like 9/11, government conspiracies and media deception.

9/11 researchers, no matter how involved they are in the truth movement, need to do several things. They need to ease up on the theories, go long on the evidence and stop arguing with unqualified participants.

I had a funny friend who used to joke around by starting many discussions with the obnoxious line: “let’s start with what you DON’T know!” Maybe we 9/11 researchers should adapt that as our catch phrase! Think about it!

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  2. mestor says:

    Are you a controlled demoltion expert? If not what makes your opinion more valid then the controlled demolition experts who support the offical story?

  3. Jesse says:

    mestor - I am an expert in exposing deception. I am an expert on validating information. And I am an expert on how the media words to misinform the public.

    I know how to analyze claims and mediate arguments. I am an expert on misdirection where a question is answered that is not asked and the original question is not addressed even though it appears as if it was.

    So when it comes to issues such as 9/11, I can see where the lies are and I can easily show you. I just need for you to wittiness the complete process.

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