Supporting the Troops Because They Protect Us: Two Big Lies

I was watching the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV the other night, mostly because my body produces excess testosterone, and at one point during the program the fighters took magic markers and started writing things all over the walls of the house in which they lived. At one point someone wrote “We Support the Troops.” Then that person started mentioning how the fighters in the UFC support the troops who are out there fighting to “protect our freedom.” I laughed.

Well, just as this nice, well-meaning person commented on how he supports the troops, I, as I often do, spoke back to my TV set and said, “No, you don’t support the troops; you simply say and write on walls that you do  I thought to myself that this person should be more accurate and simply say, “I write on walls inside my home that I support the troops and that is all that I do in the way of supporting them!” I think people should just come out and tell the truth. They should have bumper stickers and signs on their homes and little ribbons that say, “I don’t do anything to support the troops except wear this ribbon, hang this sign or bumper system or say the words, ‘I support the troops!’  Let’s face it, that well-meaning UFC fighter is not doing a damn thing to support the troops.

Few people in this nation support the troops. One glance at staistics about our homeless veteran can tell you that. More than 200,000 veterans find themselves without a home at one point during any given year in this nation, and the Iraq invasion is going to help those numbers to grow.

That alone should show how Americans support their troops. But there is an even more sinister abuse of troop support in this nation in the form of “private for profit para-military corporations.” That’s right, while Americans want their Congress to give George W. Bush money to “support the troops”, the money goes not to the troops, not to the families of the troops, not to the injured and wounded troops, not to the emotionally traumatized troops and not to the homeless troops.

The bulk of the money goes to private para-military companies, owned and operated by friends and business associates and partners of the government officials who use the troops and your freedom as hostages as they extort the nation in to paying them huge sums of money.

From Dick Cheney’s Halliburton to Blackwater USA to the companies that manufacture tanks, helicopters, Humvees, bullets, you name it, the profiteers grow richer with every new effort by American citizens to actually support the troops. And the troops, while they keep dying, continue to be lied to by everyone in their command structure. And when they are no longer able to kill for the establishment, they are tossed aside like yesterday’s trash. Nobody supports the troops.

We must stop supporting the people who promote that false advertising; people such as Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the majority of the US Congress.

Let’s stop this “support the troops” rhetoric. If you want to say you “appreciate the troops,” be my guest. That would be more accurate. I think we all pretty much appreciate the troops. But let’s face it, there are very few people in America who actually support the troops and many of those people are not the ones wearing ribbons.

Now, about the claim that those troops, all of whom I appreciate, are protecting our freedom… Let’s face it folks, since World War II hardly a troop was deployed, hardly single shot was fired, and hardly a life was lost while actually protecting our freedom or protecting us from a direct or potential threat. In my lifetime (I was born in 1964), not a single American died while actually protecting my freedom. On the contrary, many American troops died while they were engaged in combat that would in some way directly benefit the very people who have been working for generations to reduce my freedom.

There is no greater example of this than today’s so called war on terror. You may still remain blind to the very real probability that the 9/11 events were delivered to us by a rogue element within our government. But you cannot deny that the so-called “response” to those attacks only served to increase the risks to American lives, weaken our military, and was accompanied by an assault on the freedoms, liberties and rights of the American people the likes of which we have never seen.

It is the very presence of our military that has kept us safe. They serve as the world’s best deterrent, unmatched by any other. Their might, their power and the willingness of individuals to risk their lives are what keeps us safe from outside invaders. But threats come from within as well, and we are witnessing that today.

If the troops want to protect my freedom they should be protecting me from the people who threaten it. They should be protecting me from the people who are waging a war on the American people and our way of life by harming the U.S. Constitution. That would be the U.S. Constitution that the troops are sworn to protect. For the record, according to their oath, that promise come BEFORE their obligation to obey their Commander in Chief. They should be protecting me from the people who are trying to poison my air, contaminate my food supply, and create biological weapons that even by accident pose a threat to me and all life on earth. These days those threats are right here. They reside in Congress, in the White House and in secretive powerful organizations known as think tanks, secret societies, defense contractors and ?foundations.”

The troops are well meaning but they are brainwashed into thinking that they are doing noble things. This is because they have to believe in what they are doing if they are to do their job: kill people. These are not cold blooded people. They did not sign up to kill under false pretense. So you have to make them believe that they are protecting us when they drop their bombs and fire their weapons. Why do you think that there are information restrictions on active troops? Why do you think that access to many websites is blocked by military personnel. It’s so the troops accept the word of truth as delivered by their commanders without the facts getting in the way.

So to set the record straight, I appreciate the troops, and by the very nature of what I do, (informing the public about issues related to war & the military…for no financial compensation other than donations) I support the troops. But I want the troops to protect me. And unfortunately, by no fault of their own, and I repeat that, BY NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, they don’t, and in my lifetime they never have. My freedoms, my liberties, my security and my Constitutional rights are being threatened and harmed every day. So you can imagine how I would love to see the troops actually protect me for once. None the less, I still appreciate them. Think about it.

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  1. rbank says:

    Jesse, it was only when I went to college that I began to realize that all the things I was taught about America was myths. These kids go to the service right out of high school and they have been brainwashed. When I think about how the republicans criminally put a man who was an alcoholic, mentally ill, with 3 failed businesses into office i get so angry. I got an email from my senator in responce to an email I had sent her. She told me how hard our troops were working.Frankly I don’t care how hard the serfs are working. I care about the fact that they were sent to war under false pretents, that we have distroyed a county, that we have dropped bombs on inocent people. That we are paying blackwater soilders $365,000 per year and our own $36,000, that Halaburtin is getting rich for doing jobs half asses,

    At one time, even though I called my representatives in government daily before the war started, that we broke it now we have to fix it. But we are not fixing it. The nightmare goes on daily with more and more of our children killed.

    Meanwhile chronically mentally ill people are being denied services, sttaff is telling clients about Jesus and praying with them became the decider believes in recovery. In none of the 12 step meetings I have attended has anyone talked about Jesus.

    It seems like a life time sense our country was stolen. My heart bleeds.

  2. agenteb56 says:

    Nice articles Jesse. I’ve beed sending mass emails to friends, government officials (i.e. Hilary Clinton, Obama, McCain), former teammates, students, clients, even teachers, to try and wake the nation up. But anyhow…..good in-depth analysis on the “support our troops” psycholigical shift verbage that our our government tries to inject into the American people. And yeah, by no means are poeple actually “SUPPORTING” our troops. I agree 100%. In addition, the government is basically just using this repetitive slogan of “support our troops”, while also collecting $4-$5 a pop on these nonsense ribbons, to keep the American people psychologically, and physiologically tied to the soldiers in some delusionary way. Remember the Bush Patriotic brainwashing syndrome of “BUYING flags to dangle and attach from your car to basically represent a cheerleader pom-pom effect for the delusioned government!” Nevertheless, good coverage. Thats it for this post. So long

  3. Catherine says:

    I was on my way home earlier today when I noticed a large white Denali pulling up to the red light. On the back of this huge vehicle was a bumper-sticker on which were the words ” I’d rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy.” Underneath this rightwing message were two of those magnetic SUPPORT THE TROOPS ribbons.

    Now, here was a person driving a large SUV gas guzzler which costs around $40,000 with all the bells and whistles. He (or she…I couldn’t tell because the windows were tinted) was touting his (or her) support for the troops, all right. To me, those ribbons (never mind the silly bumpersticker) said loudly and clearly that this person was saying in no uncertain terms: ‘Send those troops over to Iraq to support the oil industries’ insatiable desire for more, more, more of that oil so I can continue to drive this kind of car. What do I care how many of you die? Do I care that my hero Cheney is making more than $20,000 a day just on his Hailiburton stock alone? Nah! Doesn’t mean anything to me! No members of my family are over there in that Iraqi hellhole, nor will they be! But…I really do support the troops, you see, especially as long as they make sure the oil industries and those Republicans and their neocon -owned companies can make loads of money. See this Denali and these ribbons? Sure! I REALLY support those troops!’

    GRRRRRRR…that’s what that car and those hypocritical magnetic ribbons said to me today, Jesse.

    Thanks for the comments about troop support…they’re spot-on!


  4. kazz67 says:

    Great blog, Jesse, thanks.
    Hope you don’t mind if I copy it to my forum (under ’speaking out’) along with a link and a recommendation.
    I’ve only recently discovered TVNL and these blogs, which really are a breath of fresh air.
    Thanks again,

  5. Jesse says:


    Thanks for the kind words and please, copy away.

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