Mood Music? Is That Journalism or Manipulation?

The recent obsessive coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting by the establishment media serves up many examples of what is not journalism. Although I can point out about 50 problems with the coverage of this event the one aspect that stands out as an obvious and egregious violation of journalistic ethics is the establishment media’s use of mood music for this coverage. While music is constantly used to instill fear or tension into the so called news coverage on our TV sets, the sad heart wrenching intro and background music that is being played during the coverage is a clear and obvious example of how the criminals who claim to be journalists are in fact shaping your opinion and manipulating your emotion; and they are using every tool and method available to do this including music.

A journalist is supposed to have the same effect on you as a paper delivery person has. They are supposed to deliver news to you and you and that is it. You are not supposed to find out how they feel about the news and they sure as hell are not supposed to try to tell you how they feel about the news. Their job, as defined by their claimed profession, is to report recent events without bias or opinion. That’s it. They have to simply read reports to you about what is taking place. They can show you pictures and films but they are not supposed to manipulate the information, craft a fancy package to deliver it or create an atmosphere that is intended to influence how you feel about what you are hearing.

So let me ask all of the senior anchors on the so called news networks and news programs; which journalism class taught you about how to select the appropriate music for a report? Or did you learn that in your propaganda class? Think about it.

5 Responses to “Mood Music? Is That Journalism or Manipulation?”

  1. qarnos says:

    Jesse, you seem to be neglecting the responses to your ground-breaking challenge. Please address them. Your willful ignorance is making you look like a fool.

  2. Jesse says:


    You are funny. Thanks for telling me I look like a fool. Do you have any idea how many calls and how much email I have received over that? Do you think my blog is where I am addressing this?

    I get between 1 and 2 thousand email per day outside of that one challenge.

    Talk about ignorance!

  3. neolies says:

    psy-ops of the propaganda division at the pentagram

  4. worldman says:

    MSM and its minions (lemmings) fall right into line after being shown (demonstrated) the ‘proper’ way to honor the dead, and grieving.
    The awakening is on the horizon…, as to being controlled.

  5. stop the next government attack says:

    I agree. isn’t it amazing at how the media has fucked up in the covering of this whole event. Thought you might be interested in the truth about the Titanic. If we can get the jerk off media to admited to how the Titanic was sunk by our government that will be the first step. WATCH THAT

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