Overstating the Obvious

I have pointed this out many times but it is worth repeating, especially since our mailing list has many new member. When you are watching or reading news ask yourself why you need to know what you are being told. Even when the clowns in the establishment media report news that is of some concern to the public they distract you by reporting aspects of the story that can in no way be confused with information that the public needs to know.

For example when there is a tragedy that affects society like the Virgina Tech shootings, or when there is a news story that involves someone that is of some interest to the public like the Blue Angel pilot that died this week, there is no need to report the personal details of those involved or of the friends and family of those involved.

Another question you may ask yourself as the establishment media forces information down your throat is “does the subject of the report have any impact on the electorate, the world or you personally.” If you ask yourself this every time you are being informed about the relatives of some crime victim and about exactly “how they felt” (the most non-newsworthy aspect of any news report, no matter how legitimate the actual story is), you may just realize that you are being made to feel that people who have absolutely no impact on your life, the country or the world outside of their personal community, are and should be of vital interest to the nation. This, my friends, is called one of two things: intentional distraction or pathetically incompetent journalism. Either way the bottom line is that it is not news!

May I point out that the mandate of the press is to provide information to the public for the purpose of maintaining an informed electorate. That is why the press is the only job that is protected by the Constitution. The press does not exist to report sports scores, movie reviews or box office returns (which is reported every Monday by every news program for some reason), celebrity gossip or who is ringing the opening bell at the NYSE. The press is there to keep an eye on our government and report everything they can discover to the electorate. So with all due respect to the family of the recently lost Blue Angel pilot, his personal background does not belong on a national news report. Dick Cheney’s personal background and the personal background of all the Bush officials including their ties to PNAC, lobbies and defense contractors on the other hand, should have been reported. I guess the press felt that personal information is not newsworthy! Think about it.

3 Responses to “Overstating the Obvious”

  1. robalb says:

    You might say that your comments are a central theme of your whole mission. I fail to be surprised at how easy it is to fill a news hour with nothing but noise in much the same way that my email inbox is filled with junk through which I must wade to find the good stuff. After a while, it’s hard not to throw up my hands and give up. That must be what lots of otherwise well meaning people have already done: just stopped listening and therefore stopped learning. “White-noise news” deadens our brains.

    I’m glad to hear that your mailing list is swelling, Jesse. Keep on reporting.

  2. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    ROBALB, it’s not just that one has to wade through garbage “to find the good stuff”. Lots of important news items and sub-items are ignored completely.

  3. robalb says:

    Thank you, Truth Seeker. I heartily agree with you. My point unintentionally left out that vital piece. I guess I got carried away with my analogy!


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