Who Exactly do They Mean When They Say “al Qaeda?”

Let us for a minute realize that our government uses code names for many things. They use code names for military operations, espionage operations, CIA operations, law enforcement operations, social programs, etc.

From Operation Iraqi Freedom to Able Danger virtually all government operations are named in code and the more secret the operation the more ambiguous the name. For example “Operation Zapata” was the code name for the Bay of Pigs invasion. “Operation Mockingbird” is the name for the secret program where the CIA works with the corporate media to “manipulate and control public perception!”

So keeping that in mind think back to when George W. Bush received a top secret report prior to 9/11 called “Bin Laden Determined to Attack.” Is it so outrageous to think that “Bin Laden” is code? Did you ever think that perhaps the term “Bin Laden” is code for “rogue group of enemies on the inside?”

Keep in mind if my guess is accurate everybody in our government can continue to blame “Bin Laden” for the attacks of 9/11 and technically not be lying. They can even pass a lie detector test.

We are told that the intelligence agencies from around the world were warning us prior to 9/11 that something big was about to happen. What do you think is more likely: they were all watching terrorists who wanted to harm other countries, like the US, or they were hearing chatter within the global intellegence agencies that they were spying on? Intelligence agencies spy on each other for the most part. I would think their priority would be to look out for themselves as opposed to watching out for the enemies of other nations. Maybe while they were spying on each other they caught wind of the plans to conduct a huge false flag operation and they wanted to make sure Bush knew about it. Maybe they were saying “hey, Bush, your guys are going live with a false flag attack and we don’t think that this is not a good idea! Are you ware of this?” Seriously, they can not just come out and say it because they would have to pretty much blow their cover and admit to the world that false flag operations exist. So they drape their actions in pseudo reality so that they can say as much as they can truthfully without actually blowing the whistle. So instead of saying “your guys are going too far” they say ”Bin Laden” is determined to attack.

Then again maybe Osama bin Laden was the coordinating officer for the false flag operation. Maybe he was the operational guy for the rogue group. And maybe when George Tenet says that he wanted to get Bin Laden he was serious because he was trying to stop the rogue group.

In a nutshell I am saying that very few things are actually as they appear when it comes to intelligence operations and we would be fools to believe that the language used in relation to Al Qaeda is as simple as they would have them to belive. If there were ever a time one should read between the lines this is it! Think about it!

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  1. catlover says:

    I recently had a Middle Eastern cab driver who told me “Bin Laden is a nobody in the Middle East. Your government tried to make him into somebody important, but he is not”. This cab driver also knew that 9/11 was an inside job. Smart guy.

  2. ssteve60 says:

    All I can say about this is just what Jesse says; “Why not?”

    Literally translated, Al Qaeda means “The Base”

    The base?…. The Database?…. The American Intelligence database?

    We must never forget that Al Qaeda is an offshoot of the Mujahadeen which was created by US Intelligence during the Carter Administration.

    Where does that point us?
    In my opinion it’s obvious the whole thing is a US operation from start to finish. Acording to Tim McNiven ( http://www.codenamegrillfire.com ) the idea for this came up 25 to 30 years ago and guess who was in charge of defence?… None other than Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney was there too…. and I should mention that this was during Regan’s term which would make George HW Bush a figure of interest, being recently the former DCI and, at the time, Vice President.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put these pieces together.

  3. rbank says:

    Jesse, I remember back to September 2001. I was mailing a quilt to my friend in England before 911 and they had to look inside the package at the post office to make sure what I said I was sending was a the real thing. I remember the lady saying that they were changing the rules.

    The weekend before 911 I went to visit my aunt. She told me that her daughter in law was going to TX with her sister. Her sister was in the service and stationed in Korea, She got notice that in less then a week she was sappose to bring her children back to the US, find someone to watch them and then travel to TX in less then a week. I remember telling my aunt that something was going to happen.

    The more I read on the net and the more that comes out, I wonder just how many elections have been stolen sense the late great John Kennedy was killed. I remember them hinting that he wasn’t really elected. I remember when St Ronnie was placed in office the second time thinking but no one really likes him? I just want my country back or do I just want the myth?

  4. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Rbank, almost ALL recent elections have been stolen. And they have been stolen out in the open.

    The entrance fee for any federal office of note is so high that corporations must bankroll the fake-ass candidates of THEIR choice.

    Elections are stolen before you or I even get into the voting booth.

  5. worldman says:

    The Base…, is in Langley, Virginia.
    Imagine it as a huge spider den with webs throughout the world.
    Crazy that Spiderman3 is a long time good guy going bad……., and enjoying it!

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