Would Somebody Finally Tell Me Why Cuba Is My Enemy? Ditto on Chavez!

While I was watching some Halliburton related Senate hearing I heard a Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, mention that Cuba was included in the Trading with the Enemies Act. This caused me to once again ask the obvious question that has never once in my lifetime been answered, not by a US politician and surely not by the US establishment media: why is Cuba my enemy? Sure, I have heard the dreaded “C” word, ‘communist“, but like the word itself nobody in the media has ever told me why communism is bad, why a country that chooses communism as an economic system is a threat to me or any American for that matter, or why the people of that nation should be made to suffer because they are not capitalists.

I hear the word “communist” used as an insult constantly, but I never heard anyone who uses that word explain why a communist should be considered an enemy of the United States forget an enemy of mine! I have never been threatened by a communist. The capitalist system on the other hand has scared the hell out of me. The IRS has harassed me about returns that they claim I did not send. I feared for my life for the three or so years that I went without health insurance. My credit card company started charging me $10 for paying my bill over the phone. I see veterans who risked their lives for our nation living on the streets in this country. I see people all over who can’t read, can’t do math, are absolutely clueless about what goes on in the world, and I am watching the cost of an education skyrocket to a point where only a very small percentage of the population in this nation will be able to afford an education; a rather pathetic development for a proud nation with any hope of a future. Yet for some reason I am told all the time that Cuba is my enemy! Why Cuba?

I can surely understand arguments against communist systems. I don’t necessarily think a communist system is good, nor do I think unregulated capitalism is good. The game of Monopoly represents unregulated capitalism and we all know that in Monopoly everyone looses except for the last survivor. That’s capitalism. Actually that is what George W. Bush means when he uses the code-speak term “freedom”. Bush is pushing for economic freedom, as in free of regulations. Free markets where the rich and the haves always win. He is not talking about freedom for you and me to live happy lives. Bush is talking about an “ownership society” but he does not mention who exactly will be owning society when he is done providing the “economic freedom” for the rich to finish life’s big game of Monopoly! In the meantime I am still trying to figure out how Cuba threatens me.

The other day I heard one of the establishment cronies, Democratic Senator Joe Biden, do his part in the mindfucking of our nation by throwing Venezuela into a comment about America’s enemies. Of course he did not provide a reason as to why Venezuela is our enemy. Joe was doing his part in sending out a subliminal message to anyone listening: “Venezuela bad, Venezuela bad!” Venezuela is the new Cuba in that we Americans are being told that they are our enemy every single day by the establishment and their foot soldiers in the media yet nobody will tell us why Venezuela is bad. They may tell us an out of context story about how Chavez insults George W. Bush but they never tell us what leads up to those events. They won’t tell us about how Chavez is taking his nation back from the global ruling elite, otherwise known as the international bankers. Nobody tells us that Chavez is a target because he took is nation out of debt. This is like pissing off the Godfather because you paid off the loan shark. You see Chavez no longer owes the Godfather anything anymore and that really pisses off the Godfather. The Godfather, in the case of Venezuela is the ruling elite and that is a fact. If the US backs a coup or an assassination in Venezuela you can bet the first thing that will happen is a loan will be made by the World Bank or the IMF so that they can “build” and “establish democracy” (otherwise known as economic free trade….you know…freedom;-).

Chavez is quietly becoming the world’s last hope in battling the ruling elite or the New World Order. You see he is empowering his people. As a matter of fact he is helping the South American continent to stand up to the exploitation of America and the international bankers who are in the process of setting up a one world government. Chavez has paid off Venezuela’s debts and has told the international bankers to get the hell out of his nation. He saved his people from the inextinguishable debt that causes a nation to relinquish it’s sovereignty to a private group of financiers. You know, the same way the Federal Reserve pretty much controls the US and how people like Bush are put in power in order to maintain or increase that debt so that the American taxpayer will forever fork over a huge chunk of their wealth just to pay the interest! That’s why wars are started; because wars are the most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake and that means more debt and more money owed to the bankers. Bush & Cheney are insiders. They are in like kids I grew up with who used to drive around with a bb gun popping out car windows because their father owned an auto glass store in the neighborhood! Only they don’t break windows, they start wars! They forced America into an endless war; the ultimate jackpot for the bankers!

The formula: take one “New Pearl Harbor” (and if one does not happen on it’s own create your own!) This will create fear. Part one is essential for without it the rest of the plan is dead. So above all, no matter what happens, you must ensure that the initial “catastrophic and catalyzing event” takes place. Next get the scared people to pay up by telling them that you need the money to protect them. Scared people will give anything to be safe; money, freedom, anything; this has been proven over and over throughout history. Then start a war that creates more enemies, that you will have to protect those same frightened people from! Then ask for more money and ask people to relinquish more rights so that you can protect them! What a brilliant business plan!

Now you have to pay for your protection FOREVER! That’s right, your taxes go towards paying a private bank (the Federal Reserve) interest on all of the loans taken out for the costs of protecting you, by an intentionally financially irresponsible (or complicit) Congress and/or president even though the US has the sole Constitutional authority to print money (and the Federal Reserve DOES NOT) and the US can lend itself money at absolutely no interest…if it so pleased! Friends, this is what started the American Revolution! Taxation without representation! America was started to get away from the Bank of England, another private bank that held the UK hostage, as does the Federal Reserve with America!

So getting back to my initial point…I’ll tell you who is my enemy, anyone that tries to tell me that Venezuela or Cuba is my enemy and does not follow that comment up with a clear and complete explanation as to why that is the case. Joe Biden is more of an enemy to me that Chavez and that is a fact!

So I ask you once again…why the hell am I supposed to consider Cuba and Venezuela my enemies when, as you can see from reading my rant, there are plenty of American enemies for me to really fear. And let me tell you this, America has no enemy greater than the establishment media for it is their cloak of secrecy that permit those other enemies domestic to assault our democracy, our freedom and our word! Think about it!

Then, get your information from TvNewsLIES, not the corporate entertainment networks.

10 Responses to “Would Somebody Finally Tell Me Why Cuba Is My Enemy? Ditto on Chavez!”

  1. skepticalmind says:

    Castro is a brutal tyrant that oppresses every aspect of Cuban’s lives. It’s an apartheid nation with more political prisoners than any other country in the world.

  2. skepticalmind says:

    Castro’s economic model is a complete disaster. Chavez dumb enough to follow is seeing food and supply shortages in his country like in Cuba. Venezuela has no embargo and is looking more and more like Cuba.

  3. Jesse says:

    Hey skepticalmind - So tell me why China has “most favored nation” status? Your answer does not explain your hypocrisy and the general hypocrisy of our government.

    Israel is an abuser of human rights. So are we. That’s OK?

    The US has installed brutal dictators all over the world. The problem with Castro is that he is not a puppet. He is an independent dictator. We can’t have that.

    Your answers are empty.

  4. SiskoBell says:

    Many nations are ruled by brutal tyrants, but we don’t call them enemies to the US. The previous ruler to Castro was considered a brutal tyrant to many Cubans living under his autocratic rule, many of whom were killed and tortured, but Batista’s Cuba wasn’t considered our enemy.

    Like Jesse said, we have brutalized others, as has our mid-east ally Israel. Why aren’t people who hate Castro just as disgusted with Israels treatment of Arabs, or our treatment of the Vietnamese, or Blacks, or the Iraqis, etc?

    And as far as political prisoners go, the US has many political prisoners as well. When Castro jails a dissident, he’s called a freedom fighter by us. But when we do it, the person being jailed is a terrorist or thug, (re Black Panthers or innocent Arabs and Muslims in Gitmo).

    PS: I just came across this post from another blog Jesse, I’m going to read some more, nice insight on this issue.

  5. chemist801 says:

    skeptical, I think i smell a government informant, who are you workin for, dickless cheney?

  6. Jesse says:


    Thank you for the kind words;-)

  7. dissident1 says:

    Hi Jesse, just want to say what a well thought out piece this is. Sitting half a world away in Australia it is easy to be convinced by our mainstream media that everyone agrees with the status quo in the usa it is so wonderful to read that this is not so. I don’t think mainstream have yet caught up to the fact that they are no longer the voice of the people. The elites might want a global world under their control but the internet has also allowed us to become a global demonstrator and activist with reach far outside of our own local communities. They understand this and this is why there is so much pressure on governments to harness back the power of the internet into their care, but they have let the genie out of the bottle, I don’t think it will be easily contained, certainly not if digg is any example. So well done in showing that you have the ability to think outside of the square they would put you in.

  8. Jesse says:


    Thank you for your kind words.

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