Pro-Life or Anti-Life; Which is it Mr. Bush?

Before I get to the point of today’s commentary I want to clear something up for the people of America and mostly for the criminals in the establishment media who help distort issues in favor of the people who control them. Nobody, and I repeat no human being who supports a woman’s right to have an abortion is “pro-abortion” or “anti-life”. So let’s stop the inappropriately applied description of “pro-life” for people who feel that women should not have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The term that should be used and is more accurate is “anti-abortion” or “anti-woman’s-right-to-choose.” If you use the term “pro-life” it should be used to describe those who oppose people who believe in the right to hunt, support war or support the loosening of environmental regulations. So if you use that term, use it correctly!

As a personal disclaimer let me clarify something. I am disgusted with my fellow human beings’ trivial approach to parental responsibility. The rampant occurrences of unwanted pregnancies are unacceptable to me when we have so many ways of preventing them. I am not just speaking of unwanted pregnancies that are terminated, I am also talking about unwanted births by mothers who are in no position to responsibly care for a human being. Blame can be shared between the men and women who are responsible for this but let’s face it, women have just a little bit more control over the situation for the most part. I am sorry if you disagree with me but that is how I feel. Not only can a women use birth control but she can also demand that her partner use condoms. Couples can also partake in many satisfying sexual activities that do not necessarily come to a pregnancy risking conclusion. Use your imagination;-) That being said I do support a women’s right to choose but I believe more effort has to go towards preventing unwanted pregnancies and irresponsible births. Parenthood is a responsibility as much as it is a right so let’s practice both equally.

Idea: perhaps we can mix some kind of male contraceptive in every little blue Viagra pill! Just a thought.

Now as far as Mr. Bush goes…I am saying this…one can not claim to be pro-life while ordering death. If anyone takes the position that killing is wrong and that solutions to problems can under no circumstances result in a death of a human being, as anti-abortion activists such as George W. Bush do, then that same logic must be used across the board. If you choose to address a problem by killing people, like Bush did with Iraq, then you are not pro-life! Period, end of story.

George W. Bush has threatened to veto any pro-choice legislation that awaits his signature. He stands in front of the world and proclaims to be “pro-life” while the world counts daily the mounting deaths that have resulted from his actions. We need a word that is stronger than “hypocrisy” to describe this scenario! I won’t even bring up the fact that a record number of state executions occurred during his term as governor of Texas. Oops, I just brought it up. Silly me.

The fact is that George W. Bush is anti-abortion, not pro-life. I don’t know if anything in life is more obvious than this. Perhaps those in the establishment media might want to take notice of this! Think about it!


George Bush’s Assault on Women 

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  1. rbank says:

    As a divorced mother I do have to state that a woman isn’t the only one responsible for a child. With divorce many woman have to raise their children alone in poverty. These children might have been planed. Children living in poverty do not have many changes in life. I hear the same people who are against abortion crying about welfare;. If we want to make women have children then we need insurance policies with marriage. Pro life isn’t cutting the very programs that help the children you say you love so much.

  2. Screenplayer says:

    I normally agree with you Jesse. This time we differ on a portion of this communication.

    When Adam and Eve fell from grace in the Garden everyone blamed Eve. She was after all the one who was seduced by the adversary. Adam just went along.

    You state;” Blame can be shared between the men and women who are responsible for this but let’s face it, women have just a little bit more control over the situation for the most part.”

    It appears we men are still looking to shift the accountability over to the women.

    I am a man and I know I have the ability and responsibility not to engage in a sexual situation if I am not prepared to take responsibility for MY desires.

    My little head does not control my big head.

    I do not have to count on a woman to take responsibility for something I am accountable for. Men have a responsibility to lead in these situations. It obviously isn’t working under the current guidelines. Maybe it’s time we men admit it and become accountable for OUR actions.

    Think about it.

    Keep up the fight bro……………

  3. trustno1 says:

    Mr. Bush is - like the rest of the hypocrites he leads - a “pro-lifer” for war.

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