Forget About Impeaching Bush; Just Have His Presidency Annulled!

Do you remember the game called Twister? Do you remember that arrow that you would spin when it was your turn? Do you remember that the arrow would land on a color and you would have to put your hand or foot on a colored dot on a mat that matched the color? Well, the Bush/Cheney gang are so corrupt and are involved in so many scandals that we can make one of those little spinning arrow charts and use it to select one of the multiple reasons to impeach or incarcerate Bush, Cheney and members of their crime syndicate.

But I have an easier solution. While I personally favor criminal proceedings for the Bush cabal for a number of things ranging from conducting an electoral coup on our nation to complicity in the events of 9/11 (or at the very very least incompetence…but the evidence points to complicity), I think it would be easier to simply have the entire Bush presidency annulled! You see all you have to do is examine the evidence of election fraud that took place during the last two presidential elections and you will see that Bush was never elected. So we don’t really need to impeach him….we just have to inform him of the mistake and tell him to leave…immediately!

I don’t get it, this whole nation has their collective heads in buried in the sand. Reality is simply not part of the average American’s daily life. Bush was never elected to the presidency! Not once! Why do we keep pretending that he was? If you need proof of this you can check out the writings of Mark Crispin Miller who has put together the best documentation of this to date or you can read daily

Arrests have been made. People have been sent to prison for election fraud. Yet for some reason the American public can not connect the one dot that is required to understand that when people are convicted of election fraud, election fraud took place! And someone befitted by that election fraud! Hello….can anyone out there hear me? Bush and his cabal are enemies domestic. They invaded our nation and overthrew our government. They used nonviolent means to do so but they did so none the less. We are living under a coup. And the justice system, along with Congress are dominated by cronies and therefor the people of this nation are without protection from enemies and we are without a system where justice can be served. So to think justice in the form of an impeachment is realistic is foolish. Just ask Nancy Pelosi, she will confirm my opinion here.

So instead of waiting for cronies to police themselves and conduct impeachment or criminal hearings let’s just take a moment to step into the reality based world. We don’t need to impeach Bush because he is not the president. We simply have to enforce the laws of the land. He was not elected. Crimes were committed in order to make it appear that he was. Once Bush is out we can arrest Bush for impersonating a US president, trespassing, every kind of fraud imaginable, 9/11, etc. But until then we should simply tell him to to vacate the White House because he is not now and never has been the president! Think about it!

4 Responses to “Forget About Impeaching Bush; Just Have His Presidency Annulled!”

  1. hrloga says:

    If this fraud had happened a couple decades ago the imposter and company would never had made the innagurral dinner! It appears that the dumbing down of America was a success but now it’s time to turn off the tv’s, cancell the newspapers and extract the highjackers from the peoples house!

  2. robalb says:

    It’s hard to imagine this happening, as much as it would be the beginning of the end to this nightmare. Unfortunately for you, editorials such as this amount to preaching to the choir. The people that really need to read this don’t visit your site. Of course, you know this, Jesse.

    Another great summary. Thanks.

  3. rbank says:

    I wish this nightmare was over. Just tell us how to make it end. I got a phone call ftom the democratic party last night asking for $100 dollars. I told her that I would not being giving the party any money until the impeached george. I can’t see any of the 20 idiots running making a very good president,,,How many elections were stolen sense JFK was murdered?

  4. neolies says:

    i concur

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