Just a Quick Thank You to My Readers

I spend a great deal of time investigating and reporting about many depressing issues. Sometimes I get emotionally overwhelmed. At times I find it very difficult to continue my quest. There are surly times when I feel like my temper will get the best of me. It is usually during one of those emotional breakpoints when I fire off one of my angrier news letters or commentaries; the ones that usually result in significant un-subscriptions!

Then again there are moments, like this, when I become overwhelmed by the support that I receive from my readers. On an average day I will receive about 2000 e-mail messages. You can add another 1000 but I try not to count spam! Of those messages many of them contain kind complimentary messages (that really keep me going) or humbling requests to reprint my articles. I receive messages correcting my spelling or grammar…no surprise to me. I receive messages asking me for advice. I receive messages asking me to become involved with other organizations or individuals trying to make our world a better place. I also receive many messages telling me where to buy Viagra or that I have won some international lottery or that someone wants me to help them to move $millions into a bank account or that…oh, you mean that is spam too?

Of course I get slammed now and then; but thankfully not too often.

Oddly enough the humbling moment I am experiencing right now is not a result of any special compliment that I received. It is the result of perusing through my “submissions” e-mail box; the account set up for people to send us news and information for publication on our news page. For some reason I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who have taken it upon themselves to help me by keeping me informed. These people have helped to make my job easier and they have helped to make TvNewsLIES.org become a pretty darn good place to visit if you want to stay informed about what is going on in the world. I still do a lot of manual research but I don’t think I would be able to maintain the consistent broad spectrum coverage without the many contributors. It is very humbling to know that people, many people, take the time to pass on vital information to a website that I started with the expectation that some day we may get 100 visitors per day. Now we get 100 e-mail or more per hour, to say nothing of the visitor volume! Very humbling indeed.

The list of contributors seems to grow as I am finding new “sent from” names all the time. But there are are a few dozen power contributors, you know who you are, who at this point could be considered official TvNewsLIES contributors! I just wanted to take today and thank you all, especially the regulars, for being a big part of what I am trying to do. You might be a falling  tree in the woods but I’m letting you know it is surely making some sound! Think about it!

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