What Makes Black Ops Legal?

Hello police? I want to report a possible crime in the White House. Oh, it’s out of your jurisdiction? Whom can I call to report this? Nobody? Oh, this is America and there is no place to report crimes committed by the President.”

When a US president orders the CIA to interfere with the internal affairs of another nation, help fix foreign elections or instigate, support or conduct political coups by way of military takeovers or assassinations, is he breaking the law? Where is it written in our Constitution that a president can use our tax money to break international law or to mess with the political systems of other nations, including nations with democratic rule?

I wonder how the American people would feel about their nation if they understood the history of US involvement in international affairs. I wonder how they would feel if they knew that at one time the US covertly supported most of the people or nations that eventually end up being America’s greatest enemies. From the assassination of Chile’s Allende and al Qaeda’s roots as the CIA trained forces in Afghanistan (supported to defeat the Russians), to the Shah of Iran to the financial support of Hitler and his war machine (thank George W. Bush’s grandfather for that one), America’s conduct around the world, using our tax money, is responsible for some pretty bad things.

But the American people will never know what their nation actually does. The media work hand in hand with our leaders to create policy and decide what to tell the American people, if anything at all. If you need proof of this just look at the upcoming super secret Bilderberg meeting where world leaders meet with media owners to discuss issues like Iran. Media owners should not be meeting with policy makers, they should be reporting about policy makers. Here you have a long history of the media meeting in secret with leaders of the world to discuss global issues yet they do not report about these meetings. What do you think they are talking about? The media are there because they are in integral part of the establishment, they are not the journalists who are supposed to report to the people, not brain wash them.

So now we read about covert operations designed to destabilize Iran, and I ask…who asked me for my OK do spend my tax money this way. I think the funniest thing about America is that Americans believe that we live in a democracy. Yet when you ask Americans what part they play in this so called democracy all they say is that they vote. Well the few who vote say that. So once a year, or once every two to four years people go into a little booth and press some buttons or pop some chads from a punch card. That’s it. That’s the average American’s total involvement in this so called democracy. And in the meantime our leaders do whatever the hell they want to anyone they feel like messing with.

Democracy? Give me a break. Think about it!

Reference: Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

3 Responses to “What Makes Black Ops Legal?”

  1. casazaza says:

    Aside from a legal standpoint, these people also espouse a lot of overtly religious BS, which at any dogma’s root level must be incongruous with lies and murder

  2. shukork says:

    Unfortunately, the main stream media controls and manipulate all the news. Thank God we have what we call internet.
    I seldom watch TV only for documentaries and unfortunately the News.
    CNN gives me the shivers.
    Yes, America divided. Unfortunately by the very people that we voted.

  3. rbank says:

    Thank you Jesse, Right now I am so angry at the democrates for giving george what he wanted on a war funding bill. Well they were hard at work writting a trader bill, king george was on vacation at Crawford and flying around giving the speechs the media loves to broadcast to make my nerves raw. Gas is $3.68 a gallon and he is working hard spending my money, while people are loosing their jobs because there is no money to take care of people. Called the congress people, every week I call them. The republicans won’t vote against the fake president. Well, I won’t vote democrate. Then they have the guts to call me and ask for another $100 of my hard earned money.

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