Memorial Day: Remembering Troops Who Fought AGAINST Nazis, Not For Them

It is hard to imaging the shame I feel for my nation growing stronger than it has been during these past seven years but this week good old “shoot-em-in-the-face” Dick Cheney helped me to more than just imagine the shame I feel increase. Just days before the holiday on which our nation remembers their fallen soldiers, Dick Cheney was asked to speak at the graduation of our next generation of military officers at the West Point Military Academy. And guess what the ground zero of corruption vice president chose to share with the new military yes men: his criticism of the Geneva Conventions. Can anyone say Nazi Germany?

I hate to say this and I know I am going to get abused over this statement, but I am not one to play politics, so here I go: it is getting very very difficult to support the troops and I no longer support any of the troops who have signed up for the US military after the US invaded a sovereign nation, Iraq. Knowing that Cheney was welcomed to speak at the West Point graduation, as opposed so say, someone who actually served his nation honorably by joining the military at some point during his life instead of getting multiple deferments like Cheney did, really sent it home for me. Then hearing about what he spoke about was the nail in the coffin in which lies my support for the troops. Out of all the respectable former military persons who may have been invited to speak at this year’s commencement, they chose Cheney. Well I say…screw them. They just lost my support.

Are this year’s graduates of West Point idiots and suckers? Are they not aware that the man for whom which they applaud lied to their fellow troops and to the nation when he sent their fellow soldiers to war, to die and kill innocent people? Did they all rise and say “Thank you sir, may I have another” as they showed their masochistic support of a man who betrayed the troops like no other American leader in history?

As the vile criminal, Cheney, who very likely was deeply involved in delivering the attacks of 9/11 to our unformed unsuspecting nation, and who spat upon his obligation to fight for his nation, gave a speech that would have made Hitler proud, protesters were denied their civil rights to free speech and were not permitted to protest our Nazi vice president. I thought the troops were supposed to be protecting our freedom, not cheering the man who is responsible for eliminating it.

Dick Cheney is a enemy of the state. He is in office via election coup which makes him an invader and a criminal. Mountains of evidence exist indicating Cheney’s involvement in the events of 9/11. He clearly was behind the effort to lie this nation into an illegal war and he was the central figure in exposing a covert intelligence agent. And Cheney has been the central figure behind the Bush administration’s assault on the US Constitution. I don’t want to support a military that welcomes a man like Dick Cheney, I want a military that protects us from a man like Dick Cheney! Think about it!

Reference: Cheney’s Secrets

8 Responses to “Memorial Day: Remembering Troops Who Fought AGAINST Nazis, Not For Them”

  1. rbank says:

    Jesse I remember wanting another child but I am so glad I was only gifted with one. I may have had a son. I think that when our children go to war, they are going to protect thier country which is a good thing. They learn to hate thier enemy who ever it is. I am ashamed of what has happened in this war. I am ashamed that we dropped bombs on inocent people. I am ashamed that we have tortured people and hold them in secret prisons. I am ashamed that woman have been raped and that our children play games with people. What can we expect when they lied them to war and when the people at the top are sick enough to okay torture? What can we think when we have officals who stole an election, who never went to war sending them to war, without armor or the weapons they need to fight the war. They are arngry. Their duty is extended and they are taking their anger out on the wrong people. To think that an animal who didn’t care enough about his country during Viet Nam to go and fight sending others to war. To a pansy ass who’s “daddy got him into the guard so he wouldn’t get bloodied and then went AWOL sends the guards to fight a war of lies really makes me angry. I saw the commander in thief giving a speach at a memorial today and my anger boiled. The karma these men will bring on the United States scars me. I just wonder why they hate us so. Not the Islamic people but why george, dick, alberto, condi and their partners in crime hate us so much. And congress and the senate act like it is a joke. If the democrates don’t do something I will vote green. There’s twenty people running for president and I don’t want to vote for any of them.

  2. Jesse says:

    rbank “There’s twenty people running for president” - You mean that there are 20 people that our establishment media let you know about. Thank Reagan for that. The press no longer has to live up tho the Constitutional obligation of keeping the people informed about their government.

  3. Only you have to remember that Hitler didn’t just deny the right to protest him. He SHOT the people who protested him. Please before you make another Hitler comparison show me pictures of mass graves, gas chambers and work camps of people who protested this Administration. I highly encorage you to research Hitler and maybe his death camps.

  4. When I go to prison and get gased to death for protesting this truly awful war I’ll give you a call

  5. Jesse says:

    binladensucks - Do you think one has to match completely to warrant a comparison?

    You can contrast all you want, but there are striking similarities that can not be denied. Although, people like you, who live in denial, have no problem putting on blinders.

  6. robalb says:

    Spot on, Jesse. I’ve been just so embarrassed by the behavior of this country both toward its citizens and toward the rest of the world. When I found out that Dick ‘Chicanery’ was being allowed to speak at West Point, I really felt like giving up. It felt symbolic of the complete failure of so many of the people of this country to see the grotesque mess we are in. That bit in the speech about how this is the first graduating class (in ages? or is it THE first?) to have entered W.P. facing the same war as they now face at graduation was disturbing to say the least.
    I realize that I’m rambling, but there is so much to be upset about and so little to be glad for.

  7. I’d rather live under Cheney and not be able to protest then live under Hitler and be gased. But i do agree with your main idea 100%. But all i’m saying is that you should compare Cheney with another world leader who was more bent on world domination for other countries resources and their own personal interests than Hitler was. Hitler’s main objective was to expand the Ayrin (Sic) race. Cheney is a racist bastard but he doesn’t share the same reasons for world domination as Hitler did.

  8. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Good article, Jesse, but I object to the phrase that says Cheney “spat upon his obligation to fight for his nation”. The Vietnam war was not an opportunity to fight for one’s nation–it was a pack of bullshit, with some parallels to Iraq (speaking in terms of policy and politics). It’s errors like this that detract from otherwise well-reasoned arguments from leftists.

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