CNN Cloaks Gravel & Continues to Murder Democracy

The most important role of the press in a democracy is to keep the public informed about our government. This includes informing the public about the conduct of elected officials and it includes informing the public about people who offer to serve in public office.

Ronald Reagan helped to destroy our democracy by eliminating the legal provisions that required broadcast media outlets to provide equal time and coverage of all presidential candidates. The Internet has given our democracy a bit of a boost since it took the hit from Reagan in that it provides a forum for the people to learn about the candidates who are intentionally hidden from the public by our establishment media. But it took CNN to apply a stealth coating to a candidate who made such a large impression on the public that the establishment media could not justify ignoring him.

Tonight, CNN was forced to accept reality and welcome Mike Gravel to the Democratic debate but that did not stop them from keeping him from the public. They asked the former senator about three questions, allowed him a total of about 90 seconds of air time, and did not include him in a single issue of major import.

CNN again helped prove why the American establishment media are the greatest enemy of Democracy. No matter what we do, no matter how much information passes by the cloak of the media via the Internet, it is clear that the establishment media will continue to alter their methods in order to prevent the public from learning anything or about anyone that is not approved by the ruling elite establishment. The media in this nation must be exposed for what it is, the greatest enemy of the people. We must not fix the media, we must replace them. Think about it!

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