Only in America…

Only in America can opposing war, humanity’s most horrific obscenity, be frowned upon and ridiculed.
Only in America can sex, nature’s most natural pleasurable activity, be considered a sin.
Only in America can one’s own body be illegal or at least the showing of one’s own human body be considered a crime. (Imagine outlawing God’s work!)
Only in America can having many children be considered a wonderful thing even though sustained population growth can lead to the demise of our planet and all of those new children.
Only in America can a population believe anything it is told regardless of the evidence to the contrary.
Only in America can a person tout his or her freedom without knowing one single thing about the importance of the laws and documents that define that freedom.
Only in America do people not believe what they see, hear, taste, smell or touch unless the people on TV tell them to believe it.
Only in America can an event like 9/11 happen without the public truly examining the evidence of what happened.
Only in America can you have a media that keep the public informed about Paris Hilton but not about revolutionary advances in science that our government won’t allow us to see!
Only in America can a media lie, day in and day out, to the point of painful embarrassment, and deceive the public while causing them immeasurable and irreversible suffering and harm, and the people do not revolt against them.
Only in America can people who are part of secretive organizations
such the Council on Foreign Relations, with unchecked influence on our political process, and who are sworn to secrecy by those organizations, be trusted to report news about our political process.
Only in America would a person like me have to stop his life, end his career and jeopardize his future so that he can simply point out the obvious to his fellow citizens.
Only in America can someone like me be accused of being anti-American for simply trying to expose liars and criminals.

Actually, America is not the only place where all of this exists, but from what I was taught, it is one of the places where none of this is supposed to exist.
Maybe one day I’ll write a follow up to this piece, called “Remember When…”
Think about it.

4 Responses to “Only in America…”

  1. robalb says:

    (((Heavy sigh of agreement)))

  2. truthbeknown says:

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the

  3. worldman says:

    Please do not stop your life, just over the angst of knowing the truth. Such as the ‘musical chairs’ syndrome, that newscasters put themselves through. Just to earn that spot. Whilst they think, “damn the American public, I’m not making this stuff up, I’m just reading it!”

  4. bobby05661 says:

    I like to think about it like a football game, The old double reverse hail mary. they are trying to keep everyone occupied with trivial things to deflect against their ultimate goal. all these things mentioned and things you didnt , number one CHEMTRAILS. H.A.A.R.P and other aerosal spraying . For the sole purpose of inhibiting human beings from evolving. and throw in human perpetual enslavement for kicks
    only in america can an imperial monarchy claim victory ovr liberty, only in america can one be a slave to the home of the brave, we ordinary citizens are just considered cannon fodder.

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