Attention Ron Paul Supporters: Now Do You Believe Conspiracies Exist?

I have a question to those people who have been impressed with Ron Paul’s performance during the recent Republican debates: are you starting to notice something odd? Have you noticed that the entire body of the establishment media are pretending that Ron Paul was not a significant candidate? Have you noticed that the positive comments written about Ron Paul on news sites, by readers (as comments), are being deleted and that on-line poll results are being removed?

I’ll tell you this, you can forget about Ron Paul becoming President, no matter how many people you know seem to be noticing him and have voiced their support for him. He won’t be elected because you have nothing to do with who becomes president in this nation. And the establishment media have never been more obvious about their complicity in this crime against democracy as they are now.

You see the establishment media are telling you what reality is, they are not reporting reality to you. They tell you what to believe. And now they are telling you to believe that the impressive Ron Paul is not being noticed. That’s right, the media is telling you that you are virtually alone in your support of Ron Paul, even though you may know a ton of people who also support him and you don’t seem to see too many people supporting other candidates.

For generations the establishment media have been part of a conspiracy to manage your perception of what is real. They make you believe that you are part of some sort of democracy. They make you believe that there are no viable renewable clean cheap energy technologies available. They make you believe that the Federal Reserve is part of the US government. They make you believe that for some reason the US has to pay interest when it borrows it’s own currency! They conspire to make you believe a lot of lies. It’s not hard to see this, as a matter of fact it is pretty obvious. You just just have to pay attention.

The media conspire to tell you that the apple you are looking at is an orange. What I do with this web site and with my presentations is tap you on the forehead and make you notice that you are looking at an apple and I make you notice that they are telling you that it is an orange. You see the difference? They tell you what you are looking at, I ask you to take notice of what you are looking at and to think for yourself. They are lying to you every day, about almost everything. I don’t tell you this, I just show you that it is happening. Maybe now you can see this happening with how the media is handling the reality of Ron Paul. Maybe this can be your wake up call.

Again, for those who would like to learn about this media conspiracy and learn how to spot the massive deception in the media, I offer a free presentation that will empower you and render those liars harmless. Provide me with an audience, room and transportation and I’ll simply point out the obvious for you. Then you will suddenly notice what has been right in front of your face all along…and you will not fall for it anymore. Don’t believe me…just hear me out and think for yourself. I won’t tell you what to believe, I’ll just show you what you are looking at.

Don’t believe me…just pay attention. Watch TV news and read your establishment news papers. You know, the networks and publications that tell you all about the real world by telling you what you are supposed to believe, so when it happens you accept it. See if what they say about Ron Paul’s performance in the debates, if anything, reflects what you actually saw when you watched. You know…just like when they told you in 2004 that George W. Bush won Ohio, now they tell you that Ron Paul did not win the debates. Think about it.

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4 Responses to “Attention Ron Paul Supporters: Now Do You Believe Conspiracies Exist?”

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  2. worldman says:

    Once again I say you are like a beacon of truth, Jesse, shining your wisdom to us dummies out here, enlightening us!
    So…, keep on keeping on!

  3. I am a Ron Paul supporter and I can say with certainty that Ron Paul supporters are generally well aware of the media forces out to destroy Paul’s campaign.

    The amazing thing is he’s winning anyhow.

    Let’s not belittle his campaign and maybe we can even persuade him to tackle the media issue head-on.

    Paul’s campaign is no distraction. It’s the best news we’ve had in years.

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