Earth: A Beautiful Place if There Were No Humans

Yesterday I was looking at a beautiful photograph of sea life that is on the cover of a book (related websites can be found here: and here: ). What I did not realize when I first saw the image was that the book was not a very happy book. While the book explores how beautiful ocean life is, it sheds light on the fact that no life forms on this planet are safe from the the treacherous impact human beings have had on this planet. The book shows how the beautiful ocean life is being harmed by humans.

Human beings, in our quest to satisfy our endless greed, have consumed and destroyed everything around us. We ( not all of us ) humans are so stupid that in our quest to indulge ourselves we have pretty much set humanity on the path to extinction. The simple minded humans, who think that some being up in the sky wants them to have more babies, can not perform the simple math that shows that exponential growth of our species can not be sustained! More babies = more harm to the planet = eventual extinction! The by products of humanity (consumption, destruction, toxic waste), are destroying all life forms, including those that sustain our own lives. You know…like the life forms that we eat, and the life forms that make the air that we breathe!

Several years ago I chose to become the housekeeper/slave to a 4 ounce parrot. I take very good care of my master. I clean up after her, feed her, provide her with my valuable belongings for her to shred with her razor sharp can opener bill, including US currency (actually they are not US currency, they are criminal Federal Reserve Notes). I take her to the park and to my parents house where my mother gives her bits of cookies when I am not looking. Her life is pretty darn good.

So yesterday, after I realized that the beautiful book contained a not so beautiful reminder of the impact human beings are having on this planet, I looked over at my four ounce pterodactyl and I got to thinking, and I realized something that is pretty darn disturbing. Human beings have had a negative impact on every single life form on this planet with two exceptions: house pets and man made super-viruses. That’s it. Pretty sad, huh. Something to be ashamed about, huh. And when you think about the fact that human beings need other life forms in order to live, it’s just pretty darn stupid, huh.

Humans are causing the extinction of hundreds of life forms every year and we are working hard to end humanity. Oddly enough when I realized that humans are setting up their own extinction I thought to myself, cool. I thought that maybe when the humans are gone the remaining life forms will thrive. It’s weird, but it made be feel a little better when I thought about that. It helped to balance the guilty feelings I have about being a member of the one species that threatens all others. Think about it.

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  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Yet another balls-on entry, Jesse. It hurts so much to think about this stuff that most people don’t bother.

    I have one child. My family continually asks me when we’ll be having another. (Some of them literally tell me I’m obligated to have another child–because apparently, it’s a horrible thing to have an only child.)

    I always get pissed off when someone asks me this question, because to me, it’s damned personal. But when I tell them I feel it is immoral to have more than one or two children, they either laugh or look at me as if I told them I like eating feces.

    The math really isn’t hard, and even if you don’t want to do that work, you can look at graphs of human population growth and concomitant environmental impacts such as species extinction, rainforest destruction, pollution, and on and on.

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