No News, All the Time! Another Missing Woman to Report…Cool!

Here we go again…the latest non-news item dominating news broadcasts…a missing mother…the latest national lead story that impacts less than one millionth of the nation! How stupid is this getting!

I think CNN did about three solid hours on this non-news item last night. That embarrassing joke of a…well I don’t know what to call him but his name is Larry King on CNN, devoted an hour to discuss this local mystery. This guy has spent more time covering the most trivial unimportant issues known to the world and he receives accolades for his achievements! We celebrate his many years in broadcasting. In all his years this man has not once brought important news the American people. He is the Jerry Springer of news and in my opinion he can serve as the token symbol of the pathetic embarrassment American broadcast news has become and how stupid the Average American has become!

When exactly did the local tabloid like the National Enquirer take over our broadcast news networks? I really was not watching when it happened. Actually I am not sure that it has not been this way all along.

As the criminal news agencies continue to hide all the news that affects every American, American idiots continue to tune into programs like Larry Kink and networks like CNN. I am starting to wonder if they are worth my efforts to educate them! Maybe they deserve whatever happens to them at the hands of the people who control information in this nation. Maybe that is nature’s latest iteration of natural selection! Think about it.


CNN = “Contains No News”

CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America

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  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    When I criticize corporate media for covering nonsense like spelling bees, Paris Hilton, and missing persons, and ignoring blatant executive branch malfeasance and other crucial issues addressing the United States, I find myself criticized! The response I typically get is that it’s not up to me what constitutes “news”, and “Maybe some people WANT to hear about Paris Hilton!”

    Is it brainwashing? Or is the US really a nation of idiots?

  2. Bob Nichols says:

    On the contrary, you are doing a great job, Jesse!

    Just keep on. You content is superb. The fascist delusional system called the Myth of American Exceptionalism claims many fathers and mothers in American’s big 24/7 media whore houses.

    The delusion is also brittle as hell. But, the right wingers own the big media and everybody that doesn’t sell out is fired. So, the professional hairdos carry on as News Readers for the Karl Roves of the world. They just have us beat on repetition, not content.

    The News Readers ARE doing their job and they are simply very good at the Con that they do and are beating us.

    We are getting better, though. Everyday, more people wakeup. That is not to say we are going to win. I do not know that. I do know, there is nothing I’d rather be doing.

    Let me know as you expand to be your own network.

    Bob Nichols

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