Israel is a Theocracy, Not a Democracy – I Don’t Want My Nation Supporting Theocratic Bigotry!

I have heard rhetoric about Israel all of my life and I have yet to see any reality that accurately reflects that rhetoric, except for one thing: Israel is, as they claim to be, a Jewish state.

Now correct me if I am wrong but how can a a nation that claims to be democracy place a religion or a culture above all the rest? How is that democratic? That, my friends, reflects the attitude of a theocracy, not a democracy. So why do we continue to call Israel a democratic nation and why are we supporting them?

You know I can not think of one benefit my nation has received in return for or as a result of our blind support for Israel. Call me antisemitic if you like, many of you will, simply because I am voicing legitimate concerns and raising valid questions, but after you label me…answer my questions. Why is my tax money going to Israel? What’s in it for me? What is the return on my investment? I know a lot of people on this planet don’t like my nation too much because we offer blind support to Israel regardless of the pain and suffering they inflict on a group of people and that is a pretty bad thing for me, in my opinion! And why is our democracy loving nation supporting a nation that places one religion or culture over all others? Isn’t that bigotry?

You know I as an American do not approve of the conduct of my nation where it comes to Israel. Correct me if I am wrong but my nation has been the sole member of the UN Security Council to veto over 30 otherwise unanimous resolutions denouncing the conduct of Israel. I am supposed to forget, ignore or be deprived of all the details behind and reasons for world opinion when it comes to Israel because according to my government, and the establishment media, Israel never does anything wrong and anyone who says otherwise is biased; and the supporting facts and details don’t matter. Well, I am not that stupid. I can see what takes place in the world. And I have news for you…even biased sources can have valid opinions from time to time. For example I am biased against radical religious people who treat women like possessions yet I am perfectly within reason if I make the very valid point that the Taliban violate women’s rights and should have never received the support of the Bush administration and a diplomatic visit with the Bush administration should never even have been allowed forget invited (as they were by the Bush administration in early 2001). Likewise I am also within reason when I say that nobody in the world can tell me that Israel treats non-Jews they same way they treat Jews, especially Arabs.

I did not like it when Colin Powell delivered a $43 million check to the Taliban prior to the events of 9/11; a little tidbit that the establishment media skipped over in their catatonic coverage of the conduct of the George W. Bush administration. The media has basically kept all the actions of this administration a secret and if you think that is an overstatement you have not been reading very long. So when Powell delivered that check I sent out an e-mail to all of my friends saying that any women who supported this administration deserves what they get because they just gave the most anti-woman government in history $43 million. That did not make me biased. Just the same when I comment on the actions of Israel when it comes to their treatment of the Palestinians, their violations of UN resolutions, their continual construction of settlements in the occupied territories, their destruction of food supplies like when they bulldoze 100 year old olive tree groves and water wells, their practice of collective punishment like when they use American supplied bulldozers to destroy the homes of innocent people, or their total disregard for all human life that is not Jewish (in that they will blow up an entire building full of innocent Arabs to kill one of their suspected targets), and their disdain for any kind of law or due precess as they simply kill anyone they label as a suspect, it does not make me biased. I ask questions about this stuff. That does not make me anti-anything. It makes me curious and it makes me angry. Again I say you can call me anything you want but please address my concentrates.

Now Israel continues to refer to itself as a Jewish state. Our media and our government officials refer to Israel as a Jewish state. Well, call me an anti-Semite but someone please just answer this question…why are we supporting a nation that has proudly declared itself to be a theocracy? Isn’t America trying to support democracies or more specifically secular democracies? Why do we refer to Israel as a democracy if they call refer to themselves as a theocracy and conduct themselves as cultural supremacists who can do anything to anyone, anywhere, in the name of self defense, even if there is no clear indication of a threat?

Israel is in violation of dozens of UN Security Council resolutions and had it not been for the sole vetoes cast by the US over thirty more resolutions would have been passed unanimously over the past 20 years. Iraq did not even come close to violating that many resolutions and look what we did to them, yet we actually support Israel. In addition Israel practices collective punishment. They punish an entire society for the actions of some or even many of its members. You tell me…if your pregnant mother died waiting at a checkpoint…as dozens if not hundreds of pregnant Palestinian women have, what would you do to the people who caused her death? I don’t know what I would do…but know that I don’t want to support people who do things like that and guess what…Israel does exactly that! So if anyone on Earth can tell me why I should want my tax money supporting this, I’ll listen. But until then…stop calling names and start answering questions. Think about it.

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  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Oh no, Jesse, you’re going to get some rrrrreal nastygrams for this one!

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  3. rbank says:

    Thank you Jesse. It needed to be said. I started watching BBC about 8 years ago and watched CNN international before my cable company took it off the air. I was sickened by what Israel is doing to it’s neighbors. I never realized the truth. Thank you for all you do. The day is not good if I do not get your site on my email.

  4. neolies says:

    yes…of course…stating the obvious is verboten

  5. trustno1 says:

    1. Calling it as you seez it and you’ll be accused of being anti-semitic, tarred, feathered and burned at the stake. 2. What else can you expect from a country being run by Jews? (and I’m not speaking of Israel but the US…)

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