The Most Embarrassing Night in American Television News History: On a Monumental News Day CNN’s Larry King Interviews Paris Hilton

Let us for a moment forget about the fact that the US establishment news media are, by virtue of their complete complicity in hiding from the public virtually all vital information about our nation and the world, the greatest enemy of our democracy and the American people. Let’s just pretend they are just not very competent when it comes to journalism.

Now even if we believe that the members of the US establishment news media are stupid enough to think that information related to the conduct and daily life of a person who has absolutely no impact on anyone outside of her family and social circle, like Paris Hilton, is of interest to the American people, can anyone really justify the fact that with all of the news that has come out on this given day, June 27th 2007, CNN’s Larry King could not find a more important topic to cover for an entire hour on live TV…on a network that claims to be a NEWS network?

Now an hour of this embarrassing nonsense was not enough for CNN. The closet homosexual (according to my sources) Anderson Cooper followed up the one hour embarrassment with a panel discussion on the Paris Hilton coverage where he replayed portions of the interview (like the vital issue about Paris’ favorite bible passage…which she has none…because she probably never heard of the bible), and discussed the interview in depth.

On a day that saw subpoenas related to criminal investigations issued to the White House and the most pathetic criminal do nothing Congress whose hard work has propelled the American government into and through its most anti-Constitutional, corrupt, illegal, incompetent and dangerous period in history, approved a pay raise for themselve, Larry King interviewed a spoiled brat bimbo! Larry King stands as a symbol of what has become of American establishment journalism; a joke on the American people and a conspiracy to keep them uninformed about the real world. 

On any given day all one has to do in order to see what your criminal American establishment media types are actively working to hide from you, visit the news page ( ); but today…holy cow, today was a news doozy! And yet the American people are force fed Paris Hilton! You see reality actually does get reported by our establishment media…but the people who decide how much ( if any ) attention is paid to each news item and how, when and where (broadcast, headline or tiny little article in some local paper) each news item is distributed for mass publication, make sure Americans are not made aware of unapproved reality! These people also decide how much discussion will take place on any given news item. That is why non-vital (non-vital on a national level) news items like a local murder or missing child or Paris Hilton systematically end up on every single news broadcast and other world changing news items like the discovery of technology to run cars and all engines on WATER, never get past a little report on some local news program. You see if reporters were told not to report stories the conspiracy would be obvious and well known. So the brilliant criminals simply control the proliferation of information and they bury most of the real news this way. You don’t have to take my word for this, you just have to pay attention and observe that this is taking place. It happens every single day. Just compare any of our daily news reports to what you get from CNN, NBC or any of the establishment criminals and you’ll understand.

The state of the media is no longer a joke, it is a serious threat to our well being. Irreversible harm is being done to our lives, personal wealth, food chain, air, water and our democracy. The criminals who are doing this harm are being protected by the media. At the same time solutions to serious problems and global crises like new clean free energy sources and health related discoveries are hidden from the public by the establishment media. If the so called patriots of this nation understood the ramifications of the conduct of the US establishment media they would be like me in understanding that the establishment media is indeed the greatest enemy of the American people for the enable all other enemies to harm us with impunity.

In a sad statement about the collective American intellect made possible by the dumbing down of America by the establishment media, there exists a television program called “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” It is not surprising that this program is on a FOX network. Well, to me it is obvious that Americans in general are far less intelligent than 5th graders should be for if they were as intelligent they would understand what is going on and they would take to the streets in order to defeat our most dangerous and harmful enemies, the members of the establishment media…by any means necessary! Think about it.

4 Responses to “The Most Embarrassing Night in American Television News History: On a Monumental News Day CNN’s Larry King Interviews Paris Hilton”

  1. catlover says:

    As always, you nailed it, Jesse. I’ve emailed CNN to tell them how disgusted I am.

  2. worldman says:

    Yep. This article embodies the essence of this website!
    To typify how my local news does stories: throughout the day they will slip a one-second video with a comment how they’ll reveal all at 5 or 11. Then when it finally happens, the newscasters will usually talk over it, flub their lines, make one lose interest, etc. It was all tomfoolery from the beginning. An example of the dumbing-down of Americans. As TV viewers, we are really uninteresting to the presenters. They already know how stoopid we are, and continue to perpetuate it…, to perpetuity.

  3. I agree but people watched the Paris Hilton thing didn’t they? millions of people actually. Its not CNN thats the biggest problem, its that millions of more people would rather watch a report about her then about horrors in Iraq. To give CNN credit, they are doing a very good special on Homosexuals, that will hopefully gain for acceptance for them.

  4. msheekhah says:

    Benjamin Franklin said that democracy cannot function without a fully independent press.

    However, with the advent of TV and Radio, the cost to entry for independent press has reached levels that only publicly traded companies can afford.

    Then, the responsibility of a publicly traded company is to increase the profit of their shareholders while not breaking any laws.

    Thus, the news media have no LEGAL obligation to report the news. Their only LEGAL obligations are to make more money and not piss off the FCC.

    In both cases, “in the public interest” are defined by the government and big business.

    Land of the free and home of the brave? No, land of free tv and the home of the brave corporate and government thugs who sit behind their cozy desks with every local, county, state, and federal agent ready to protect their asses from the outraged american public.

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