A Word to All about 9/11

The Truth about the 9/11 investigation: Taking into account that the Kean Commission was not tasked with finding out what happened on 9/11, no investigation has yet to be conducted by the Bush administration into the events of 9/11 other than that of the independent research community.

I am speaking from the point of someone who has been researching all available information regarding 9/11 for the past 2 years. I have some advice for all people who jump into the discussion of the events without having been involved in the independent research.

Your comments are all valid and your opinions are all worth listening to. However, many of you share your views without knowing as much as you should.

There has been an enormous amount of new information that has been uncovered or discovered since the official story was sold to the world. Most, and I repeat MOST of this new verifiable information and tangible evidence contradicts the official story.

May I be so bold as to make a suggestion to the people who jump in to the 9/11 discussion and comment on one or 2 new discoveries or claims made by the independent researchers: You might want to take the time and look at the mountains of new evidence before you comment on the one or two points that you feel qualified to challenge.

I’ll tell you this; I am a very intelligent individual. I am a reasonable person. I am also smart enough to know that I do not know everything. That being said I will say this: Most elements of the official story about 9/11 have been disproved based on testimony, new evidence and verified false claims made in the official story. Evidence has been destroyed by our government; whistle blowers have been ignored by the Kean Commission, elements of the event have been completely omitted by the official report such as the collapse of Building 7, and the questions raised by the video evidence have been ignored by all official sources. There is also no question that all efforts were made to prevent any investigation into the events.

Motives for PNAC related government complicity in the events are undeniable. Although motive does not indicate guilt it has to be included in the conversation. You can not simply give people a free pass especially when they openly declare their motives.

There is no question that anyone who takes the time to listen to the testimony of the people involved, view the videos, examine the events leading up to 9/11 will understand that there are many questions to be answered and that the official story does not only not answer them, but it actually contradicts the actual events. The report contradicts the recorded testimonies of the witness. It omits testimony.

When the findings of the Kean Commission are used as proof of the official story the proof is invalid. The Kean Comission was not investigating 9/11. Remember that the Kean Commission was not asked to find out what happened, they were asked to make recommendations to improve national security based on the official story. In other words they were not trying to find out what happened. They were using the story told to them by the Bush administration as the basis for their recommendations. They were not trying to find out what took place. It was not their job. The public is under the impression that the Kean Commission was supposed to find out what happened but nothing can be further from the truth.

Taking into account that the Kean Commission was not tasked with finding out what happened on 9/11, no investigation has yet to be conducted by the Bush administration into the events of 9/11 other than that of the independent research community.

It is high time that we listen to the findings of the only body to actually investigate the events of 9/11; and that body is the independent research community. It is not the Bush administration, or the Kan Commission, both of whom have yet to explain what happened on 9/11.

Start paying attention to the independent researchers for they are the only people trying to find out the truth about 9/11.

2 Responses to “A Word to All about 9/11”

  1. J-9 says:

    Great to hear what I and my friends have been practically beheaded for trying to point out since his first, and I believe, his only election. I only say that because I have no doubt the second was stolen and have no positive proof on the first.

    Keep on keepin’ on. I’m passing ths on to as many people as I can. At least the ones who still talk to me.

    Peace & Love,


  2. jbnewport says:

    One of my friends has been telling me the same theory and it does all add up and you’re helping us all put the pieces together. I have done a little googling of Bush and taliban, bush and bin ladens, bush and early cruelty to animals, and I have learned more than I want to know. For some reason, I feel that few have put the whole puzzle together, but I could be wrong.
    Thanks for all the thoughtful articles you write.

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