Record High Political Reporting – Record Low Information Provided

While the establishment news bozos bedazzle the American public with what appears to be be obsessive coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign, little if any useful information about the candidates is being reported. Don’t take my word for it.; take your word for it. Ask yourself if all of this establishment media news coverage you know one thing more about any of the candidates that really indicates what kind of president he or she would make?

I’ll tell you what you don’t know…you don’t even know who is running! With all of this extra time, almost an entire extra year of campaigning, the so called journalists of this nation should have done their job and informed the electorate about their political choices. You know nothing about Mike Gravel or the extremely popular and respectable Ron Paul. All you are told about these candidates is who is leading in the polls. Two years away from the election you are told who is leading! Why? The only reason they tell you this every day is so that after the election you will have enough historical reference to make you believe that the pre-selected winner was actually popular enough to win. Then you won’t question the voting results!

You hear gossip and poll results. You never hear about the positions of these people, their history, the links to lobby groups, their past efforts to fight for the citizens or their past actions that have resulted in defying the desires of the citizens. You hear nothing that helps you know about the people who are trying to take over our government.

With two years of coverage every American should be able to name every single candidate, not just the few establishment cronies. You should also know something about the candidates other than how much money they raised, how much their hair cuts cost and whether or not they are electable. If we had journalists in this nation WE would decide who is electable! It is not their job to tell us who is electable and that is exactly what they are telling us.

In their own way, right out in the open, the establishment media are telling the American public who the preselected candidates are and they will tell us who the next preselected president will be. It is a conspiracy. It is obvious. It is out in the open. And it is undeniable. The media are part of the establishment and they manipulate you into believing that you are part of a democracy or that America has some sort of representative government and the damn truth is that both notions are nothing more that a false reality created and maintained by the establishment media! You don’t have to believe me…just pay attention and you’ll see it for yourself! Think about it!

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  2. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Yeah, indeed it is obvious. Just as it’s obvious that even without the help of the media, the outcome is largely predetermined anyway. Corporations, by deciding who to bankroll, decide who gets enough exposure to win. (And, of course, once in office, they decide the agenda with huge lobbying funds.) This is why I say that all elections are stolen long before you approach a voting booth. And it’s why I’m not going to bother voting anymore.

  3. GodSend says:

    Well, Jesse and Truth Seeker, ‘we have a problem’ - as they say in NASA. The MSM controls what we see and hear and they are determined to lead us down the garden path - probably worse! The Internet is a loophole and truth can (still) travel and be distributed to those who know where to look.

    But can we change anything through established channels? Does writing to the Editor help? NO! Does voting for the lesser of 2 evils help? NO! It seems like The (Zionist) Matrix has us, doesn’t it?

    Do not despair! The Zionists have a fatal flaw: hybris. They just love to rub our noses in their power and send encoded (numerology) messages to each other. But we are listening and have deciphered their code :) Not only that, but a Higher Authority is committed to fight this enemy with us. “He will also do it”. That’s Good News, indeed. Just wait and SEE!

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  5. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Please, spare me the “Higher Authority” bullshit. I’m pretty sure Roman commoners liked to pretend that god would save their ass, too.

  6. GodSend says:

    OK, Truth Seeker, have it your own way. ;)

    You have NO IDEA of what we’re up against!

    You’re fatalistic and are not gonna vote anymore. Great! So where does that leave you, huh?! Gonna crawl under a rock and die?

    In order to be able to defeat your enemy, you need to know who he is! - and his strategy (and weaknesses). You are trapped by your limited understanding! (and frustrated as hell, I can tell)

  7. worldman says:

    Jesse: Right on…, as usual.

  8. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Not voting doesn’t mean I’m going to “crawl under a rock and die”. It simply means that I’m not going to waste my time on a meaningless, hollow gesture. Why would I bother? Does it accomplish anything to push a few buttons every couple years? Moreover, does it accomplish anything to pretend that some Big Daddy cloud being will save our collective ass?

  9. worldman says:

    For the record: Should Ron Paul endure the race, I will vote for him, even if it has to be a write-in candidate.
    Yeah, I know it falls right into that same category of Mickey Mouse votes too. Do people really count them?
    TruthSeeker you are pretty damn right on too. Ain’t gonna be no Jesus flying down out of the sky and saving the day. We are going to have to get up off of the couch and do it ourselves. With implications towards the current WhiteHouse Administration.
    Now dubya’s sayin Scooter did nuttin wrong.
    Cronyism for sure, dude!

  10. GodSend says:

    Truth Seeker and worldman, et al:

    I’m not advocating doing nothing! In fact, I’m advocating RESISTANCE against the Evil that is threatening Americans and humanity.

    I’m gonna vote for Ron Paul if we get to that point.

    I’m advocating and will personally practice PASSIVE RESISTANCE (non-violent) and Civil Disobedience, at the appropriate time. I’m advocating that people in the US Military leave if they are able to or resist (like Lt. Ehren Watada). First of all, we need to EXPOSE the lying criminals and traitors to America!

    I’m also saying that we cannot defeat the “powers and principalities of darkness in the heavenlies” that we’re up against and that we will need Divine Intervention. I’m also saying that Divine Intervention will arrive when the situation seems desperate and lost! :)

    SEE! my website to better understand this:

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