It’s Not “Health” Care, It’s Medical Solutions

Let’s be serious here, doctors and the entire medical industry are not experts in health, nor are they interested in keeping you healthy, they are experts in the application of medicine and medial procedures and they are in the business of making sure you need their services. Most doctors and all drug companies are in the business, yes I said business, of selling you medical solutions. They care not about your health for the most part and in many cases doctors don’t know a damn thing about health. As a matter of fact is is in their interest that you maintain a life of poor health.

I find it funny that with all the new talk about health care taking place thanks to Michael Moore’s new film Sicko, nobody points out the fact that the term “health care” is being misused. Organic food companies, nutritional supplement companies, environmentalists, health clubs and gyms fall under the category of health care. Doctors and pharmaceuticals fall under the category of “medical application specialists.” You go to a doctor these days for one reason and that is to find out what drugs you should be taking.

I have written quite a bit about health care and natural non-pharmaceutical cures for many problems ranging from strep throat to Cirrhosis of the liver, and if the “health care” industry had it their way these cures would be taken off of the market and regulated as drugs. This is not because they care about your health, it is because they are in the business of selling you medical solutions and if anything interferes with that, like caring for your health, they oppose it.

If doctors cared about your health they would not be prescribing drugs that cause more problems than they supposedly address. There is actually one drug that has a commercial on TV during which they spend about 80% of the commercial taking about the risks of the drug and eventually say the most ridiculous marketing statement ever uttered on a commercial; they say that for “some” patients the benefits of their product outweigh the risks! Think about that for a minute!

Anyway, take care of your health, and when you feel you need some medical solutions visit your doctor. But please don’t confuse the two! Think about it!

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