Only 2.2% of Congress Represent Over 50% of the People

What do mean by that headline? I mean that over 50% of America supports impeaching Dick Cheney (and almost as many support impeaching Bush), but as of today only 12 Representatives and 1 Senator are considering doing their job and representing the will of the people. Those 12 people comprise about 2.2% of the 535 members of Congress.

Let’s face it, this is only one example of how Congress does not in any way shape or form represent the public anymore. For example 95% of the people who contacted members of Congress prior to them giving George Bush unconstitutional war expressed their objection to doing so, yet Congress flatly ignored the people, as they do every single day. Well, make that every single day that they actually work! Think about it!

2 Responses to “Only 2.2% of Congress Represent Over 50% of the People”

  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    People need to get a grip on their ears and pull their heads out of their ass, and stop voting for useless Demoncrats.

  2. worldman says:

    Oh, they get some kind of work done, just not this oh-so-important issue of sending kids off to die in some strange land, not knowing why they are there.
    WMD’s used to be the mantra. That issue just seems to be like a dead horse, don’t go near it.
    Stay cool if you can.

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