Let’s Be Real…They are NOT “News” Networks!

Did you get a chance to watch the Attorney General of the United States get shredded by the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday? Had this session taken place during the 70’s every TV network would have halted their regularly scheduled broadcast so that the American public could learn about the shocking criminal behavior of their government. The TV networks would have allowed the American public to watch their Attorney General get nailed for lying to Congress, to the American people and doing everything in his power to help the criminal administration of Dick Cheney and his front man George W. Bush, subvert the laws of our nation.

At one time a hearing like the one I watched yesterday would have jolted the American public into marching on the White House for the purpose of forcibly removing the criminals who have lied to them about virtually everything, while assaulting our liberties and eliminating our protection from corporations who are intent on harming us for profit.

Well maybe the major TV networks figured that with 500 or so cable networks they did not have to stop their broadcasts in order to bring this vital information to the American public…especially since we have so called news networks that are there to bring important information to the public 24 hours per day. Well…if you you believe that you would be wrong.

Yesterday was just another example of how the establishment news media in our nation is the greatest enemy to democracy and to the American people. So if you tuned into the evening “news” programs on these networks expecting to see urgent discussions of what has been an unmentioned Constitutional crisis you would have found hour long discussions on another unimportant Hollywood brat who can’t control her opulent lifestyle.

First of all it baffles me that Larry King has a program on a network that calls itself a news network. This man has set the world record for unimportance. Actually he may be the most uninformed individual on CNN when it comes to actual news. Larry Kin’s vital news topic of the day: Lindsey Lohan! Then you have MSNBC’s Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams is not just a program host on MSNBC, he is the head of MSNBC news! His program topic last night…that same sleezebag drunk driving celebrity who can’t keep her underwear free legs closed for the paparazzi (look it up…it’s true)…Lindsey Lohan. Then again I am not sure who the real sleezbag is in this case; Lohan or Abrams! Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Another thing that didn’t make the news is the fact that Conyers office had people arrested when they went to his office to talk about impeachment. I felt like an ass because I had just called my representative and begged him to support impeachment. People were calling and emailing begging them to impeach. I am tired about the news being the latest specch w has flown to on our tax dollar, hearing about the latest drunk driving charges, preverts using the net to find women with children and the latest joke of a security threat to scar us. I laugh about them but my poor brother gets scared. And I really could give a shit about what is up w’s ass unless there is a camera rolling to get the information we need to impeach. I AM F–KING TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT W. BUSH, WHAT HE EATS, WERE HE GOES, ALL i want to hear is his crimes, I DON;T WANT TO HEAR HIS VOICE, I DON;T WANT TO SEE HIS BLOODY UGLY FACE EXCEPT WHEN THEY DRAG HIM AWAYS IN HANDCUFFS. I try to get my news from BBC. At least I’m hearing a little about what is going on in the real world.

  2. GodSend says:

    Careful, rbank, the BBC is just as corrupt as the MSM in the States! They’re owned and controlled by the same Zionists. Witness their deceptive coverage of 9/11 ‘Truth’ and the WTC#7 collapse! They reported its collapse while WTC#7 was still standing!

    They have the same diversionary nonsense and propaganda as FOX, CNN, etc. but with a British flavor ;) But let’s not get into British food.

  3. JoeC says:

    I was about seven years old during the watergate hearings, and remember my mother (a teacher, off for the summer…) watching the hearings which were on each morning instead of the usual soap opera. The fact was that the real drama of the hearings was BETTER than whatever drama the network soap writers could dream up.

    But, back then the U.S. had a President who was still subject to the law, unlike the current King who will only answer questions if his VP is also in the room, and then he won’t answer them under oath, or allow anybody to take notes. Fat chance getting King George under oath on live TV…but oh, how sweet it would be if somebody could only figure out how to arrange it…

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