George W. Bush and Black Holes!

By Reggie, Contributing Editor,

Most of us don’t know a helluva lot about black holes, and probably don’t really care to know very much about them. But in truth, black holes are really fascinating once you take a closer look, even to a lay person with not much background. Trust me on that for a bit.

For starters, what I do know is that a black hole is an area out in space that’s so huge that its gravitational pull is astounding. So, astounding, in fact, that nothing, absolutely nothing that gets close can escape being sucked into it. That means everything, no matter how massive, would be able to escape its pull and nothing we know could move fast enough to draw away from its gravitational power. Not even a beam of light.

Stay with me here and you’ll see where I’m going.

One more interesting bit: According to Einstein, objects of very great mass distort time and space so that the usual rules of geometry just can’t be used to explain their behavior. So, when it comes to a black hole, something strange happens. It has a boundary that’s very unusual. If you reached that boundary, you could pass through it, but you would not be able to back out. In fact, once you’ve passed through the boundary you’d be doomed to move closer and closer to the center of the black hole.

And then it would only be a very short time until you die.

Now, that’s all fairly interesting, but why would I want to write about black holes at all? Stay with me just a little bit longer, I promise to connect.

For the record, and just in case you do happen to get pulled into a black hole, rest assured that you wouldn’t really feel anything terribly unusual at first. If the hole was a really big one, you wouldn’t be torn apart until you were about half a million kilometers from the center. Imagine that. Even as you were being pulled towards certain doom you might not suspect that anything was terribly wrong.

I suppose, when it comes to black holes, in a way, bigger is better.

And in a way, a really big black hole has formed right here on earth, and right here in the good old USA. And in a most precarious way, we all are dangerously close to the boundary from which there is no return. For in an undeniable and almost inevitable way there is a direct nexus between a barely discernible black hole in our own land and the reign of George W. Bush.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s call it the Bush Black Hole and understand that we can’t see into its abyss because black holes are devoid of light. But if we take a look around, we become painfully aware of the things that have disappeared from our lives in the past seven years, never ever to be seen again. Some vanished in secret while others were tossed into the chasm with arrogant disregard of all that we once were as a nation.

No matter how it came to pass, so much of value has crossed a mysterious boundary into the oblivion of the Bush Black Hole. Tragically, much of what has disappeared has not yet been missed by so many Americans. They don’t have a clue that so much that was so vital to their lives has been hauled forever into the bowels of this administration.

So many Americans are still unaware that the Bush Black Hole contains the dismembered remains of:

-Elections free of Supreme Court interference

-Congressional oversight

-Separation of church and state

-An impartial investigation of the events of 9/11

-Checks and balances

-The right of dissent without fear

-The Fourth Amendment

-Habeas corpus

-A responsible White House Press Corps

-Respect of the US by people around the world

-New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast

-Respect for international treaties

-Rejection of pre-emptive or preventive war

-The Geneva Conventions

-International Law

- Truth and integrity in government

-Diplomacy and cooperation with other nations

-Investigative reporting by mainstream media

-Environmental protections

-The FISA Court

-Protection of covert CIA operatives

-Nuclear disarmament and non proliferation

-An overburdened and under equipped military

-Almost four thousand American and coalition troops

-Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis

-Fiscal responsibility

-America’s middle class

-Health care for all children

-A nation free of PNAC control


And that, as the saying goes, is the short list. But not to worry, there’s lots of room in the Bush Black Hole for more. Black holes are notoriously immense and George W. Bush, with his dreams of empire, has more time to carry out his goals than you might think.

A recent Presidential Directive has given the Bush administration full power to transfer control of this nation from the Congress and place it into the hands of the White House. Another such directive gives this President the right to declare martial law when and if he deems it necessary. Every day the drums of war beat more loudly for an attack against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran. Do the math.

Then try to assess just how close we all are to the boundary that separates us from the Bush Black Hole. We already have lost so much that is totally irretrievable. If we endure as a free nation and as a free people we might recreate what we have lost one day in the future. But right now we are in a fight for survival.

Understand that it is possible to enter a black hole with no sensation of the destructive force about to be encountered. Passing the boundary can be relatively uneventful and temporarily comfortable. But once over the line there is no way to retreat, and the fate of all who pass the boundary is forever sealed.

And so it has come to pass in the Bush administration that they have acted with impunity and hubris in a terrorized nation and an intimidated world. They have not been stopped nor will anyone stop them any time soon. And, like the children who followed the Pied Piper to the river, so many Americans are walking willingly towards the Black Hole that George Bush has created.

The choice, then, is clear. We can work to make others aware of the dangers they still do not see. We can direct others to the truth of what has happened and shake them out of their passivity and blindness. Or, as happens to so many bodies in space that unwittingly find themselves heading directly towards the boundaries from which they will never escape, we can just do nothing but sit back and enjoy the ride.

6 Responses to “George W. Bush and Black Holes!”

  1. BadBenski says:

    As any Sci Fi buff will tell you, the invisable boundary you refer to is called the Event Horizon. You may wish to add to your list of items de Americana that have been sucked beyond the Event Horizon; The sovereignty of America, the expectation of privacy and the right to mount a meaning protest against governmental abuse - can you say Free Speech Zones? - Hovering danger-close is our right to bear arms, after which things really get ugly as the gloves come off.

    So, here we sit, waiting for El Presidente to play us like some banana republic; Engineered emergencies, the declaration of martial law, detention camps, right wing death squads. All of those things to which the third world has long been accustomed… right here in the good ol’ USA!

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  2. Reggie says:

    I’m sure there are dozens of items to add to my ’short list; - and your suggestions are among the important additions.

    The ‘event horizon’ is about to be breached by the large majority of uninformed Americans.

    How sad that is….but how predictable as well.

  3. Geordieman says:

    We in England, i.e. everyone is caught on camera at least 300 times per day. Some cameras have loudspeakers which order you to pick up litter you’ve dropped, or to calm down if arguing with anyone, or acting in a way they consider anti-social.
    Orwell only scratched the surface with 1984. The Powers can listen in to your home through digital t.v.’s when switched on. Your country has more killer cops but we are catching up. There is nothing we can do to halt their progress, their stealth in getting this far ensured their success. The masses are too dumbed down to even listen. Cognitive dissonance will not allow them to see past their favourite soap operas, reality t.v. and game shows. They are zombies, they wouldn’t even react if they were herded into concentration camps and told to strip for a shower. I’ve tried to tell a few, without success. They just gawp and say how awful then go back to sleep. Carefully contrived materialism has been the final snare to hook them into the NWO trap. I’m not a pessimist, quite the opposite, this whole planet’s present scenario is exactly as the bible prophesied from Genesis to Revelation. That is why it’s not possible to change anything substantially. World wars, famines, earth-
    quakes, increasing of lawlessness, disobedience to parents, lack of love for God, and materialism were all to swamp one generation as an obvious sign that a universal judgement would be imminent.
    The apparent success of these occultic
    societies behind most governments would be the result of God’s putting hooks in the jowls of their controller, and dragging them all to a time and destination mentioned only once in the Bible, Armageddon. Now this might be derisible to some people who
    refuse to recognise a creator, but this is again cognitive dissonance. Facts are facts and truth is truth, and to dispel any deeper investigation into this sad earthly condition because of stubborn pride is to become as blind as the the populace who now await their fate at the hands of the NWO.

  4. George W. Bush and Black Holes!

    For starters, what I do know is that a black hole is an area out in space that’s so huge that its gravitational pull is astounding. So, astounding, in fact, that nothing, absolutely nothing that gets close can escape being sucked into it. That means …

  5. henryford555 says:

    So many Americans are still unaware that the Bush Black Hole contains the dismembered remains of:

    WTC 7

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