American Press: Football More Important than the US Constitution

On the day that the U.S. Attorney General resigned in the midst of scandal the American establishment media focused most of their attention on a vile heartless football player who liked to watch dogs rip each other to pieces. This is not what the framers had in mind when they chose one vocation to protect in the Constitution.

Any time you want to see the criminal information control mechanism known as the establishment media, dune in to Larry King on CNN and see what important topic is being covered. Then try and figure out how these people keep straight faces as they talk about trivial issues on a news channel while the most important issues in the world get zero exposure.

Have you declared the establishment media to be your enemy yet? I have. Think about it!

One Response to “American Press: Football More Important than the US Constitution”

  1. worldman says:

    Jesse: You know they have to have soulless ones to sit in front of their teleprompters and read the latest shill reports. Anyone with a real conscience would begin to recognize the words as to be fabrications to fool the masses.
    I am just as happy to not pay a monthly fee for cable television, which originally started out to be commercially-free, didn’t it? And it has been a couple of years since the morning newspaper addiction…

    Note to dog owners: Learn to use verbal commands along with gestures to have your animal do things for you. Beating the beast will lead to angst.

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