9/11 6 Years Later and Cheney Still Walks Free

Enough will be written about 9/11 today. Suffice to say I have written my fair share on the topic over the years. I will however express my utter dismay at how many people in our nation still do not know the facts surrounding that day. They do not know that the “new Pearl Harbor” was the dream come true, or more accurately according to the facts a dream made to come true for the men who run the Bush presidency.

Taking into account what we have learned over the years like the NORAD stand down, to the terror drills, to the evaporation of the planes at the Pentagon and PA., to the erasure of WTC 7 from our skyline and the history books while being rebuilt without being noticed by anyone, the survival of the official narrative is simply stunning.

The lies surrounding the official narrative of 9/11 live on for one reason; because the establishment press maintain the the rights and ability to approve reality. They are responsible for allowing Dick Cheney, perhaps the biggest criminal in American political history, to walk free and continue to use the American government and all its resources for his personal agenda.

I have done my homework. I left my career so that I can help educate the public about how media deception works. My conclusions are not based on politics, they are based on evidence. And during these years of full time research I have seen enough to conclude that the people responsible for 9/11 are the people who are now destroying our Constitution in the name of protecting us from another 9/11. In fact what they are doing is protecting themselves, from us. Let me say that if we had a legitimate news media in this nation no legal manipulation in the world would protect the Cheney cabal from the people of this nation. And if I had my way, no legal manipulation in the world would protect the establishment media from the wrath of the people. Think about it!

Reference: 9/11 Facts 

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  1. Bob Nichols says:

    Of course, you are exactly right, Jesse!

    It makes complete sense to me that the War Criminals would therefore, very much want to select the next President. Then they do not have any embarrassing and potentially lethal war crimes trials coming up where their attendance is compulsory.

    So, whomever the Perps Cheney and Bush back is likely to be an accomplice in the Coup or in on the deal now.

    Looks like Guilani from NYC is thei guy, hands down. It is not apparent to me yet which of the Dems the Perps are buddy-buddy with - yet.

    I prefer that they be tried for War Crimes eventually because there, in the Hague, the Perps will get their punishment in full measure.


    Bob Nichols
    Writer, SFBV newspaper
    San Francisco

  2. worldman says:

    I’m picturing some strange, odd kinda Wizard of Oz scenario, and the crazy man behind the curtain, at the end (like now), is really Cheney, the tricky-dicky of all-time!
    It is a bleak looking outcome for the next Prez election. Maybe some guy that doesn’t get much press will get through to the voters, like through the internet, before this Admin shuts us all down.
    If there ever was a keep the faith scenario, it is upon us. We must maintain true to what we have found out to be true.
    Jessie, thanks for doing it, man.

  3. henryford555 says:

    Dick was asked by Senior Bush to help out Jr. so I suppose there is a larger group behind Cheney than just Cheney. My concern is actually not the impeachment of our VP. The main task is to replace the mainstream media (aka manurestream media in my vocabulary) with a legit news media. I often say if it weren’t for the complicit media, Bush wouldn’t stand a chance against the Truth.

  4. GodSend says:

    The ultimate 9/11 Criminal is NOT Cheney (although he played an important part in 9/11 - like Bush) - it’s the ‘Hidden Hand’ of ZIONISM!

    The Zionist-controlled MSM is responsible for the post-9/11 cover-up.

    Bush and Cheney are “Auslege Goy” of Zionism (window dressing).

    “They are not Jews but worship in the Synagogue of Satan”. (Jesus the Christ)

  5. Dan Noel says:

    More so than the complicity of the mass media is the complicity of small media, including many “alternative” sources of information that have traditionally not been afraid of taking on the establishment, such as KPFK in the LA basin.

    Very interesting too is why foreign governments fail to forcefully denounce the 9/11 cover-up. A few days ago, Fidel Castro reportedly wrote some brief sentence to the extent that Bush was not telling the truth about the 9/11 perpetrators; it’s hard to believe he doesn’t he know much more. What is he afraid of? How about Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il? Since he has so much time on his hands to watch U.S.-made movies, hasn’t he watched “Loose Change?” Why do dictators who are supposedly sworn enemies of the United States go along with the cover-up?


  6. Dan Noel says:

    I stand corrected. I made the mistake of trusting the LA Times about Fidel Castro’s statement on 9/11. He wrote much more, as indicated in one of Jesse’s links: http://www.guardian.co.uk/cuba/story/0%2C%2C2167354%2C00.html

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