MASH’s Frank Burns Said it All

TV Show Mash, Season 3, Episode 6: While trying to describe how the Korean War was responsible for bringing Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan and him together, Frank Burns uttered the ultimate metaphor for war: “Never have so many suffered so much so so few could be so happy!” So who are those few these days? Think about it! Jesse Richard – Editor,

PERSONAL NOTE: As I have written about earlier, I have not published my newsletter on a daily basis recently due to personal reasons, explained in a previous newsletter. However I intended to resume daily publication by now however a little obstacle entered the scene: neck spasms. I am currently suffering from torticollis, which I can pretty safely say has been the most painful prolonged experience in my life. That includes a 10 month bout of sciatica caused by a broken disk in my spine. The pain is similar to having sciatica all up and down your neck.

Anyway, thanks to a variety of health care professionals, from my Doctor, to my new chiropractor/acupuncturist, to my new masseuse, to my friend who is a chiropractor and acupressure professional, to the emergency room crew (where I found myself yesterday while I was dealing with crippling pain), I seem to have found some relief. I have tried to keep up with updates to the news page but as I feel better I will publish more daily newsletters. Please accept my apologies for the drop off in commentaries and daily mailings. As you can see now…I had a pretty good reason for slacking off:-)

By the way…I did notice something funny at the hospital yesterday…they were building a brand new wing of the emergency room dedicated solely to people who go hunting with Dick Cheney;-)

Thank you for understanding,

4 Responses to “MASH’s Frank Burns Said it All”

  1. skeptx says:

    The old mash shows are great.
    Keep on writing Jesse. The world is in peril.
    We need more truth reported.
    I look for your words to “think about” daily.

  2. worldman says:

    Hey man, hope you pull through the pain and discomfort. I’d like a few of those treatments myself, ouch.
    The words of a few ( like Jesse ) outweigh the words of the many (TVNewsLiars).
    Let us hope that the peace we have will continue…, friends.

  3. fido says:

    well soon jesse. We need you to continue the great work that so few will do.

  4. For those of us who missed what happened, could you remind us? I’m so sorry you’re having all this trouble, but just get well and come back when you know you can do it without making your pain worse. We look forward to you every day, but you, yourself, are more important - so please, take care of yourself and know that we re out here pulling for you. I have back troubles myself, and I can put myself in your shoes!

    Rusty and Carl

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