Why Moveon.org Has Been and Will Always Be Wrong

When a crime or an atrocity is in progress the solution is not to “move on” leaving the crime or atrocity in progress. The response should be “stop everything!” The political action organization called Moveon.org has succeeded in herding many Americans into accepting the current state of the state as politics as usual. They have kept their “members” busy and focused on supporting political solutions to criminal problems. Well I have news for you, political solutions do not work when the politicians are the problems! And “moving on” is not the answer to the criminal problems facing our nation today! And that’s the fact, Jack!

Forget everything that has happened at the hand of the Bush administration and focus on one thing, and one thing only, the legitimacy of their “elections!” It has been pretty well proven that this administration used every means possible to destroy what little farce of a democracy still exists in our political process in their efforts to prevent anything that would keep them from “taking” over the presidency. They stole the presidency and our nation along with it. The core members of this administration are well known for the Machiavelli principles yet people do not understand that those principles include the belief that all is fair when it comes to achieving or maintaining power. All is fair, from lying to killing. That is what Straussian Neo-Conservatism is all about. (Reference link)

I am sorry but I have problems looking at anyone who considers themselves to be an American patriot yet has no problem with the very real fact that the current so called president and his entire administration are enemies domestic. They conducted a coup, actually several electoral coups, and politicos and the ignorant (yet in many cases well meaning) citizens feel that the best way to handle it is to “Move On!” I say, bullshit! I say that the answer to what is going on is to “STOP EVERYTHING!” This is what we should have done the moment voting improprieties appeared in 2000. The minute Al Gore received a -16,000 vote count in a little town in Jeb Bush’s Florida we as a nation should have stopped everything! We should never have moved on from that catastrophic moment in American and global history!

This nation is in huge trouble. America is dead. This not in any way shape or form a democracy and we do not have a representative government. This past year of so called Democratic control of our Congress, with no changes in direction, no arrests, no prison terms, and the continuation of completely ignoring the massive evidence of high crimes by the Bush administration should be enough to make people realize that the problems facing our nation have nothing to do with left and right rather they have everything to do with democracy vs. tyranny.

Most people don’t have any idea that there are even any questions surrounding the legitimacy of the past few elections so I am not surprised that they don’t know that many of the answers were discovered; and the answers indicate massive election fraud. If this nation had any kind of national journalism institution we would all know this. Perhaps a national strike would have taken place. Perhaps harsher responses would have been taken by the people of this nation who call themselves patriots. But I can tell you two things, if this nation had a real media that served up accurate information about the world a lot of things would be better and the American public would not simply “move on” every time a crime is committed against them! So you can thank the media for what is going on these days. As I always say they are America’s greatest enemy for they protect and empower the most powerful enemies of the people.

Moveon’org members continue to march and yell to empty buildings. They continue to sign petitions and they continue to fall for the notion that the answers to their problems will be implemented if everyone would stop what their doing and “tells their Congressperson” one thing or another. Hey, stupid people, wake up, you are being ignored. Is that not yet apparent?

There is a famous Einstein theory that says that the definition of “insanity” is repeating the same action expecting different results. Well I actually believe that repeating the same action expecting different results is the definition of “stupidity!” Stop marching, stop calling your representatives, stop writing checks to the people who keep all your activism resources tied up doing things what will have no impact, and stop thinking that the issues of the day are political. The issues are criminal and should be treated as such. We have serous problems and “moving on” just leaves the criminals in place or sometimes just replaces the criminals. It’s really time to “Stop Everything!” Take that for whatever you may think it means. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Thank you Jesse, I is so good to know that not everyone has just moved on. i was in England during the elections in 2000. I remember going to bed hearing that Al had won and waking up to the nightmare. There was a completely different story in England. I got back a few days later to find that the media had sold people the hanging chad bull shit. My disbelief when my mother thought it was okay to steal an election because her guy won. This same mother brought me up to always act with integrety and tell the truth. One day we were talking about the election and I saw the evil on her face. I remember reading the late great Planet Earth when i was pregnant for my daughter. After 911 I know that the nightmare was coming true. I campaigned for John Kerry, I really beleived that he would make a difference. I was heartbroken when the election was stolen. I saw with my own eyes the republicans try to keep blacks from voting, it broke my heart because some of them where friends. If my friends can’t vote then what good is my vote? Then came the election in 2006. The democrates are in. What have they done, agreed to let w. lock us up and throw away the key, agreed to let w spy on us, wrote him 2 blank checks on Iraq so Blackwater can kill more inocent people. Oh yes they raised mimium wages so that my wages are worth less, not that the poor don’t deserve more money. Now the pass the SCHIP and want me to sign petitions. The money doesn’t come from taxes on all people but taxes on crigerettes. This is discrimination against one group of people. A poor person who smokes should not have to be the required to pay for children’s health care when the children’s parents can make up to $80,000. They have not come out with the truth about the elections, started impeachment, Carl and Harriet refused to testifly in July and it is now October. I used to call my representatives weekly, why get myself all upset on my lunch hour. Every day I get emails from democrates asking for money. I just what to know what do we do to fix this mess.

    I so look forward to you being in my box. Your news is a ray is sunshine. Hope you get better soon. Beccy

  2. zerotsm says:

    OK, so the marches don’t work. What do you propose to do that will work instead? “Stop Everything” is much too vague. Before complaining about moveon.org, come up with a concrete alternative.

  3. Jesse says:

    zerotsm: I have made many suggestions…starting with marching directly to live TV feeds like the Today show or all the media buildings in NY and surround the places. Force confrontations demanding that news media persons explain why they are not reporting real information. Bring as much vital news with you to arm yourself. Force a public showdown using information that the public needs to know. Expose the media…everything else will fall into place.

    When the masses of the people in this nation start to understand how we are all being lied to…things may, just may start to improve. As long as the media is in place, as is…democracy, truth or justice to not stand a chance.

    I have been a leader for years now. I don’t complain…I explain. Welcome to the party.

  4. worldman says:

    Hey, Jesse
    I can think of you as an information agent, sharing the good news with those that will listen.
    I wonder why lawyers are not ever standouts within the truth movement. Is it because they can see through the thin veil of deceit, committed by those who think themselves above the law?
    Suddenly I remember a story of a minister, and his family, who were so believing in their faith, that they went into the jungle to preach their message to a group of cannibals. Bottom line, they got eaten for dinner!
    The message there? Some humans just will not be converted from their own set of beliefs, or more accurately, what they have been led to believe.

  5. GodSend says:

    It’s a lot worse than ‘criminal’.

    It’s Satanic!

    Get ALL the pieces of The Puzzle at:


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