Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?

By Reggie, Contributing Editor,

Soon after 9/11, Bill Maher lost his job on mainstream television for his remark about the relative cowardice of the alleged hijackers. I have to believe that he’s been warned that any further discussion of 9/11 that does not follow the official Bush/PNAC line will mean the end of his career. It seems that Bill Maher, like so many others, has his price.’

Maher is a comedian who hosts a weekly show on HBO that includes commentary and discussion about relevant political topics. He has no qualms about broaching very controversial matters and is an equal opportunity host to people across the political spectrum who apparently may discuss any issue OTHER THAN 9/11.

Bill Maher has unequivocally labeled as fools all people who raise any questions about the official story of 9/11. He has made his own acceptance of the Bush/PNAC line the last word on the topic. Anyone who would dare to differ is an idiot. Period.

Maher’s histrionics this past Saturday night - running into the audience to personally oust a non violent, albeit somewhat disruptive 9/11 protester - was one for the record books. It seems that he will talk to anyone, no matter how extreme or controversial, from Ann Coulter on, but has zero tolerance for anyone who questions the official explanation of what caused the towers to collapse.

Maher went so far as to say that on this single topic, of all the controversial outrages of this administration… on this ONE topic, he agrees with George Bush. Those were his exact words. Strange, but I don’t recall the President ever offering an explanation of how the towers came down in an average of ten seconds. Maybe Maher had a private audience at the White House and knows something the rest of us do not. Sure.

You have to wonder why he would totally close the door to any possible discussion of the one event that made all the other horrors possible. Duh….

There were a number of scenarios he might have followed to deal with the protester. For starters, he could have offered to invite someone of repute to come on the show and present his or her case at a later date. That would have quieted the protester as well as others in the audience who were angered by Maher’s dismissal of anyone and everyone who dares to doubt the official lies offered by Bushco. His ridicule of the 9/11 Truth Movement is way out of character for someone so willing to call all the other Bush lies what they are….and you have to wonder who got to him and whose backside he’s covering.

One can only conclude that Bill Maher is either a coward, sacrificing principle to protect his job, or a 9/11 gatekeeper of the first order, working to keep any open discussion of 9/11 from ever reaching the airwaves.

This is not about what Maher believes or does not believe about 9/11. It’s about his absolute refusal to consider that there might be another side to the discussion, especially in light of all the evidence to that effect that has been unearthed by scholars and scientists. It is about his coloring members of the Truth Movement idiots and nut jobs. There has to be more to the story than what appears on the surface. It really makes no sense at all.

The attacks on 9/11 remain the single remaining taboo topic forbidden by all of the mainstream media. They alone made all the ensuing horrors possible - from the Patriot Act and NSA spying to the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. By placing a wall of silence around any discussion of 9/11 Bill Maher now has established himself as either an official gatekeeper or a coward.

Either role is despicable.


They Are Not “Conspiracy Theories” They Are, in Fact, “Discoveries”

15 Responses to “Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?”

  1. dallesportian says:

    Now I know that this is going to be a shock to a lot of people, but I think that the reason why Bill Maher is in denial about 9/11 is because he is Jewish. I know, I know, calm down, I am not anti-semitic, I have nothing against semitics because I have no idea what a semitic is.
    You know, as well as I know, that Maher knows the truth. Larry Silverstien pulled the building, the five dancing Isrealis’ whooped and hollered, very few Isrealis died in buildings that dealt with World Finance and trade, and Carl Cameron of Foxxx News did that investigation. Oh yes, the truth is out there. Bill Maher knows the truth. Denial and Prozac are not the answer for him any longer. He is melting quicker than Cheney’s pacemaker.

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  3. Reggie says:

    Sorry to break the news to you…but Maher was raised in his Irish American father’s Catholic religion, and did not find out that his mother was Jewish until his teenage years. He is practicing Atheist….

    Ron Paul, on the other hand is a hard core libertarian…who would also shut down all government programs, including Social Security, Medicare, …everything but defense. He just voted against the SCHIP appropriation, and is anti war for all the wrong reasons.

  4. xrds99 says:

    I think we should start an e-mail campaign to have William Rodriguez on Bill Maher’s show. He’ll expose things in a heartbeat!

  5. lenhart says:

    Bill Maher swallowed the Kool-aid. There are several reasons Americans simply REFUSE to accept anything other than the official conspiracy theory. 1) The official lie relieves Americans of all responsibility for the attacks. In other words, we don’t have to feel guilty about being a greedy, militaristic empire. It doesn’t matter than there is NO evidence in support of Bush’s ongoing, every revised lie. 2) Americans are typically incurious. 3) The 911 Truth Movement is an easy target of demogoguery. Popular Science got away with every version of the strawman fallacy because the 911 Truth Movement is, in fact, not a centralized or top down. Some alternative theory are bunkum; thus the movement as a whole is easily targeted.

    It is hoped that someone like Michael Moore might produce a definitive documentary focusing on the glaring holes in the official theory, driving home the fact that evidence was destroy and/or covered up, the many ways in which the 911 Commission failed and failed utterly, and, at last, demanding that the investigation be re-opened with full subpoena powers and free of all interference from anyone inside the Bush administration at the time or now.

  6. skeptx says:

    Without a doubt we should boycott all of corporate media.
    Bill Maher’s show is just another one on a long list of
    propaganda media . The only real news that can be found is,
    the I.N.N. Report on Freespeech TV on Dish.
    I have been watching,and the show Real Time is funny.
    My wife insists on continuing to watch.

    His stand against 911 truth raises a lot of questions. Is he a gatekeeper,
    and a coward? Will HBO screen their audiences as tightly as a Bush or Cheney audience?
    Will he come on over to the side of the truth?
    911 protest groups will continue. The 911 truth will not be ignored.

  7. woundednietzsche says:

    Maher showed his true colors on the show with Michael Scheuer. He thinks USreal should be defended to the last drop of American blood. Does anyone doubt any longer that the over-riding requirement to be a media-mouthpiece any longer is to put USreal first? Maher knows that if you dig around the ashes of 911 you will find Mossad and Zionist footprints. That is why his little cowardly ass flips out over this. Yeah, he’s a big man, he’s going to throw them out himself. He wouldn’t step foot off that stage if he didn’t have 20 plus salaried security goons there to kick the audience into line if necessary.

    Your TV is LYING! You want to change the world, break up with your TV today. Start a relationship with reality.

  8. truthbeknown says:

    Come gather ‘ round people
    wherever you roam
    and admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    I feel that the 9/11 members knew that they were going to be escorted out. But they decided that to just blurt out the truth
    on AIR was better then nothing.
    A big way to go, for them.
    I’m very proud.
    And thank those who had balls enough to speak out.
    The production was shock and awe for all that watched.

  9. GodSend says:

    Bill Maher is part of the Zionist Matrix deception. That deception is a lot more sophisticated than people think. Their agents are everywhere and some are very cleverly disguised. And they are NOT (all) Jewish! The fact that Bill Maher is an atheist makes him a PRIME candidate as a Zionist shill. Atheists deny the existence of God - and so do Zionists (they worship Satan in the Synagogue of Satan).

    When you go right to the bottom of the rabbit’s hole (including truth about 9/11), you will find Zionists and ZioChristians whose bottom-line is denial of the Deity of the Son of God (Jesus the Christ). They worship Satan, not Yahweh or Christ! Satan is a very clever ‘guy’ - and can even be funny, at times (when he’s not gargling with the blood of Palestinians) ;)

    The 9/11 Truth Movement CANNOT be stopped. There are cracks in the MSM stonewall and they’re getting bigger each day. The folks who spoke up on Maher’s show are heroes! We need more of the same - everywhere, no matter what (the consequences)!

    SEE! more at: or

  10. Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?

    Maher is a comedian who hosts a weekly show on HBO that includes commentary and discussion about relevant political topics. He has no qualms about broaching very controversial matters and is an equal opportunity host to people across the political spec…

  11. Tunjii says:

    We all know that Bill Maher is a gatekeeper and he has admitted that he is ‘Jewish’ , althouugh he claims to be atheist. First of all to be precise, some definitions are in order. (1) In order to be anti-Semitic , one must first define a Semite: A person who speaks a Semitic language i.e. an Afro-Asiatic Language; Those languages include Arabic, Hebrew, Amhardic, Gheez, Somali, Yemeni, even Swahili can be considered a Semtic language, because it contains Arabic and African words. As such, unless a person is anti- Arab, Jewish, Ethiopian, Somalian, Yemeni, etc. they can’t be anti-Semitic. In otherwords, you must be anti all of these groups, not just one of these groups. If you don’t believe me, look it up in the dictionary. As to ” Loose Change ” , it’s a great documentary that needs to be seen by everybody in the united States. Open your eyes America, we’ve been dupped. Wake Up !!!

  12. Olivia says:

    I saw the whole thing! I thought he made a fool of himself. Bill and Kos should be holding hands and smooching, after are are both in the same boat when it come to 9/11. I’ve listened to him a few times as a guest of Larry King. He comes out as(*) a know it all arrogant pooch… is it something that sounds just like the vulgar term.


  13. Reggie says:

    Right about Kos! Anyone posting any questions about 9/11 gets posting privileges removed. I just don’t understand the power behind these traitors.

    The talking points repeated by them all is that the 9/11 Movement claims to know the TRUTH. They cannot accept the fact that TRUTH SEEKER means what it says…. that we are trying to FIND the truth…since all we have are lies.

    But it works to make us look like idiots.

    One final time…Maher admits to his Catholic background……but that’s not the issue…

  14. [...] and have succeeded very well. Bill Maher is one of the most recent gatekeepers. Two good reads: » Blog Archive » Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward? They are NOT Conspiracy Theories…. They Are Not Conspiracy [...]

  15. drdwl says:

    First of all, I was born Jewish and did associate with and attend various religious organizations for a time while growing up. I was always troubled by the holocaust and the meaning of it and why some people didn’t like Jews.

    About a year or two ago, I discovered the 911 truth. It turned my world upside down and disturbed me significantly. While I don’t understand exactly who all the top players are, I do feel that not only does the middle east war benefit Israel, but I’m now starting to wonder if the holocaust and creation of Israel all started in a grand scheme for world domination.

    Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Jews are even religious, but we have a lot of family and religious pressure to remain Jews, even though I personally feel that religion and the bible is a bunch of contradictory crap, but it took me a while to figure it out.

    While the community of organized religion can be nice, the bullshit in religion is too much to swallow.

    After watching Zeitgeist on Google Video, my eyes really started to open. Religion (Christian and Jewish) is used to brainwash and control people by the elite world rulers. This country is not really free and our presidents are selected, not elected. The Federal Reserve is against the Constitution, is a private banking cartel that prints the money of the U.S. and taxes people’s wages unconstitionally. The U.S. is not really free. It is owned by Europe and international bankers and the world elite.

    When your eyes open, you begin to see the truth that we are not really free in this country. We just think we are free.

    As a person of Jewish descent, I finally think I’m finally beginning to see the sense of things. I have been dooped, like so many others.

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