As California Burns and Georgia Thirsts, the US Government & Big Business (real estate developers in this case) Share Some Blame

I recently rebuild one of the bathrooms in my condo. I did a great deal of research prior to purchasing the fixtures. I have always been very careful to consider the environment when I make any purchases that may have an environmental impact. In the case of my bathroom I stumbled upon two technologies that could save a great deal of water, both related to the commode (toilet).

New toilets today are available that can save water in two ways. First off there is the simple dual flush system. This is a simple system where a second flush lever is available for flushes that require less water. One flush is a standard 1.6 gallon flush that we find in most commodes in the U.S.. The second flush is a lighter 1.0 gallon flush that we normally find in urinals, where less water is required to do the trick.

The next little technology is called pressure assisted flushing. This is where a tank inside the commode stores water that is pressurized by the water pipes that fill it. The result of this pressure is apparent once you flush the unit. To put it bluntly hardly a person reading this had never encountered a situation where more than one flush is required to complete the job. Well let me tell you this, you would hardly find a job that require a second flush from these pressure assisted commodes.

Now why am I bringing this up and what does it have to do with California, Georgia & the U.S. Government? It is all about the laws and it is all about our dwindling water supply! As I did my research I found out that the dual flush commodes are required by law in nations like China, Australia and Israel. Yet there is pressure in the US to keep this technology quiet because it would costs builders and landlords more money. Again, we have an example of American values. The only thing that matters is money. That’s it. Nothing else, not even drinking water or water to put out fires!

I paid almost $400 for one of these commodes when I redid my bathroom. I could have had a fancy one piece commode for less than $100 but I chose to save water for my condo, my city and my fellow human beings. I also purchased a Gerber brand commode because it is the only commode that is still made in America. Call me silly for writing this and call me silly for picking this uncomfortable topic to write about, but every little bit helps. And if every American would save a few gallons of water each day places like Atlanta would not be in a state of emergency as they watch their watter supply vanish. And if we had a real news media our government may actually be forced to protect the people instead of just the people who own them! Think about it!

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  1. worldman says:

    Actually enjoyed this article, since I have to do occasional repairs on some toilets, where I work. And there are urinals too, which really do use less water, for their purpose.
    Long ago, a next door neighbor, who passed on, remarked that homebuilders should install men’s urinals, in at least one of the restrooms, of two, installed in our homes, which was common in our neighborhood.
    Indicative of the axiom, or idiom, that planners of the future are not always informed of all of the facts required to plan for our future.
    I guess…, drink less, pee less.

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