The Farce of Veteran’s Day; A Holiday For Everyone Except Veterans

How’s your day going? Are you off from work or school? Do you get to spend a three day weekend enjoying yourself? Perhaps you are traveling or you took the kids to Disney? Well, on this Veterans Day, 25% of the homeless in American are veterans who don’t give a damn about having a holiday of their own, they just want the country that they served to simply treat them like human beings.

You know, it is very hard to be proud of being American these days unless you have an extraordinary ability to live in a pretend world. Or unless you really believe that you live in the pretend world that is depicted on our TVs, news networks included. Today, America claims to celebrate those who have served our nation by applauding them at baseball games and by watching draft dodgers and AWOL brats who conducted an electoral coup of our nation (Bush & Cheney), give speeches in their honor. What a tragic place America has become.

America is a land where a baseball player can earn $1/4 billion yet we have people - human beings, families, children and veterans alike living on the streets with no home, no food and no hope. Tell me again about how great our nation is. This is not my America.

We live in a nation where for some reason the soldier is the supposed be our greatest hero. The soldier, we are told, is protecting us from our enemies and we are told to “support” him or her. Well I have news for you, today’s soldiers do not protect us from our enemies and we do not support them. The enemies of Americans and American soldiers today are the very people who send our soldiers to unnecessary wars while they stay home and work hard to destroy our nation from within. While they aim our soldiers are foreign enemies, real or promulgated, they destroy our Constitution, our freedom, our protections, our ability to provide for ourselves and all the while they do to nothing to support our soldiers. “Supporting the troops” has become nothing more than code speak for funding the war profiteers and the patriots who point this out are demonized.

Well, demonize away because I am saying what needs to be said. This nation does not need a holiday, it needs a revolution. It needs representative leadership. It needs to live up to its own rhetoric. It needs a military that protects the people from enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. It needs leaders that do more to actually support our troops than give a once per year speech to canned pre-screened audiences of troops who do nothing to protect our freedoms while they participate in presentations where the freedom of speech they supposedly are fighting to protect is suspended and restricted to little “free speech zones.” How they hell is that protecting me or you?

Anyway, for me, until the phrase “homeless veteran” no longer accurately describes any American I won’t be celebrating the great American farce that we call Veteran’s Day. Think about it!

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  1. usafjeng says:

    has vet of 20 yrs of service i agree with their statements when returned from Vietnam War i felt shame to wear the uniform hateful looks i returning from oversea’s . No one welcomed me back from like was during world war 1 and 2? worse of is treatment and paperwork have to put up dealing the V.A> thats really ashame to put Vet thru that whole affair !

  2. Jesse says:


    Don’t feel shame. It is our leaders who should feel shame and it is the people who support those leaders who feel shame.

    We the people, appreciate you.

  3. Namvet72 says:

    Nov 11 is my new birthday. That is the day that I call all my brothers and sisters in arms to celebrate our common birthday.
    The Vet, past, present and future is a survivor. He does not need a holiday.
    All he needs is the respect and thanks of a grateful nation.
    Give him a VA that does not have as it’s first goal to deny a claim.
    Give him a job that pays a living wage. Give him and his family an education that is an investment in the future of our nation. Give him the trust he has earned. He will return it by being an asset to every organization he joins.

    A nation that can’t support its vets has no business going to war.

  4. worldman says:

    I enjoyed a little tour from 71-73, and have always had more respect for the American flag than before being a service member.
    Actually enjoyed working on my job today. Beautiful day indeed, in sunny SoCal.
    Even if someone in the current Administration heard our voices, would they really try to improve conditions for those vets that have been turned away?
    My job started out minimum wage, and I’m glad to have it. If I got hurt just enough, I’m another homeless veteran. Arthritis is not cool man…

  5. metalgrunt says:

    I agree with the fact that it seems everybody but veterans have the day off and some with pay! i personally believe that all veterans should have the day off paid or not! i also believe that the federal,state and local governments need to boot all non veterans out of positions that were initially intended to be filled by veterans! I am currently in my second go around in the military facing a second deployment and feel things need to change in this regard. i take the day off from civilian employers irregardless of whether its paid or not with or without permission just on principle. the only time i do not take it off is to fulfill military obligations. other than that no civilian employer is important enough to break with principle.

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  7. dontcallmemack says:

    War is a bad joke that the rich play on the poor.

  8. GodSend says:

    Why join the military? It’s not ‘nice’ to get paid (or a free education) to kill people! What about Lt. Ehren Watada? How many ‘conscientious objectors’ had the courage to say “NO!”, like he did? When you blindly support violence, there are unforeseen and painful consequences. Homelessness is one of them. Is it better than being maimed or killed? Does the high suicide rate among active and returned military personnel tell us anything about the consequences of immoral acts on the human psyche?!

    “There will be no end to war until the people refuse to go to war” (Einstein).

    Before anyone joins the military, they should think seriously about what they are doing! It’s not just another 9-5 job with great benefits.

    The irony is that the people who entice American youth to join the military don’t give a hoot about what happens to them - before, during or after! They’re just so much ‘cannon fodder’.

    Caveat Emptor (don’t ‘buy’ empty promises of glory in ’serving your country’ - you’re being trained and paid to kill people you don’t even know).

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