TV News, See What they Don’t Report!

Yesterday my father asked me if I watch the news on TV. He asked me this out of both curiosity and concern that I may not be as well informed as I need to be as I run My answer to him sums up the American broadcast news media. I told him that “I only watch TV news to see what they are NOT telling us!” My dad laughed and he responded by saying that he really does not learn much when he watches.

So I repeat this because I feel it is worth repeating: I only watch TV news if I want to check up on what they are NOT reporting. Think about it!

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  1. fido says:

    My mother used to ask me if I kept my bible handy. I told her yes, I need it to keep tabs on the lies they spread to maintain their social control, fear and guilt. News media can be viewed in the same context. It is a cross reference to the myth they wish we would swallow.

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