They are Not Hiding Torture Evidence, They are Hiding 9/11 Evidence!

Does anyone on Earth really think that members of the Bush administration give a damn in anyone sees how they torture people? Does anyone really think the CIA destruction of evidence has anything to do with that? Are you kidding? Having the world watch Americans torture people would give Dick Cheney an erection that would make Viagra seem like a placebo. These guys are not hiding torture, they are hiding 9/11 evidence, and that is a fact! They are hiding the information that was derived by the torture. They are hiding information pointing away from al Qaeda and the accused accomplices. You can bet you life on that!

Does anyone not realize the coincidence of the recent fire in the VP’s offices while an investigation is taking place is just another in the endless list of perfectly timed miracles that seem to help the Bush administration hide information from the public? The coincidence factor with this administration is historically astonishing. From having a fire in the VP’s office when an investigation is taking place to having a group of people who wrote about the need for a new Pearl Harbor running war games on a day America gets its first new Pearl Harbor in 60 years (9/11/2001), the coincidences, or I should say fortunate yet virtually impossible circumstances that happen to benefit the Cheney administration seem to take place every time one is needed. Now if you believe that these are all just coincidences I have a bridge to sell you. Think about it! Jesse Richard – Editor,

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  1. worldman says:

    As I understand it, Zoobadiya gave his captors his contact in Saudi Arabia, and phone #’s to call, which were verified. Problem was that connections to bin Laden family and Bush family eventually get linked together.
    It really becomes more apparent why the torture tapes had to be destroyed. Even after being told not to by a federal judge. Their brazenness is more callous by the day. I personally refer to Cheney as Mr. Sneer.

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