Matthews Promotes Russert to Master 9/11 Gatekeeper!

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Today, Chris Matthews continued his ongoing canonization of Tim Russert.  Early in this evening’s Hardball show, Matthews repeated a segment of his original tribute to Russert’s career.  By doing so, he either shamelessly established Russert as a leading 9/11 gate keeper or a blithering idiot.  I strongly suspect the former.

Of all the endless possibilities, Matthews chose to memorialize Russert for some uncanny and privileged insight into the truth about what happened on September 11th.  He wanted us all to know that

“[Tim Russert] knew on that horrid morning of September 11th that the hijackers had grabbed the transcontinental flights because they’d have enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers.”

Wow, just like that, on the morning of 911, Tim Russert KNEW the motivations of a whole group of incinerated hijackers.  That’s really fantastic.  He also KNEW the planes had enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers.  He just KNEW the temperature of burning jet fuel, and he KNEW the melting temperature of steel.  Tim Russert was not only a mind reader of the dead, but an undeclared expert in aviation practices and thermal physics.  I’m impressed.

But I’m also outraged.  Real or imagined hijackers aside, there are a myriad of questions that still remain answered about 9/11. In this article, I will address ONLY TWO.  My purpose is not to delve into the mountains of evidence that have utterly decimated the nonsense in the official story of the attacks and the fairy tale known as the 9/11 Commission Report. That can be done by any one with the ability to use a search engine on the Internet.

My purpose is to put to rest the notion that Tim Russert KNEW anything before there was a single moment of investigation by anyone.  My purpose is also to illustrate how such suggestions from people who know better continue to thwart any attempts by the 9/11 Truth community to counter the propaganda that the American public has been told a single truth about what happened on that day.

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