Burgers & Terror

As I was sitting eating a burger in a Park Slope (Brooklyn) restaurant last night, I overheard the conversation taking place at the table next to me. One man was telling the other two people at his table that he would rather be killed in his car if a bomb went off opposed to from a blast in the subways.

Hearing this conversation made me think of a few things. It made me think of where I would want to be if I had to be blown up by a bomb; and the answer to that is sitting on Dick Cheney’s lap, for the obvious reasons. It also made me wonder if this man knew that while he was worried about a bomb killing him someday, he was actually being killed right now by Bush’s policies on the environment and health care.

Isn’t it nice to know that the president makes us feel so safe that a conversation like the one I described had to take place? Think about it!

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  1. Greg Nixon says:


    I cannot believe what is going on. I recently just traveled back into the US(an occupied)
    country) and everywhere I went were police officers, men in fatigues, and bomb sniffing dogs.
    This whole thing is a scam. 9/11 and the London bombings are STATE TERROR. That the public has
    been whipped up into a terror fearing frenzy is sickenening. Next comes the high priced equipment to “protect us’ from the “terrorist”. The only problem is the terrorists are the military industrial complex. Nice business heh? Launch terror on the duped public then reap the windfall to “protect them” Stop the madness, 9/11 truth about truth about State terror now!

  2. Jesse says:

    I agree with Greg Nixon.

  3. dz says:

    I didn’t know you lived up in NY Jesse. We will have to meetup this 9/11.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Jesse says:

    Hey DZ…looking forward to meeting you!
    Thanks for the kinds words.


  5. Craneger says:

    I’d like to be at the Saudi Gaudy Palace . . .
    On a related note, the technology exists to do a lot more than the users let on to the public, because we have to keep striving for compromise and trust the big boys for our rescue. Also, remember that microwave device on the Humvee that they say will scorch the skin? Has anyone ever wondered what would happen if that thing is tuned to a different frequency? How about a non-lethal zombie ray? Or a freq that stops your heart??

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