The Virus That Can Destroy Life on Earth!!!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if some virus or life form that was capable of destroying all other life was introduced to this planet? Did you ever wonder what would happen if a virus appeared and it started to consume all the oxygen, or destroy all sea life, or eliminate the food supply? Perhaps it would create a toxic cloud that would poison us or starve our planet from life sustaining sunlight?

What if some life form appeared on earth and it did not conform to the patterns of all other life forms in that it did not respect the rule of nature that makes say all life forms depend on other life forms for their survival. Remember harming one life form can critically damage the food chain and/or our life sustaining eco-systems.

Well, that virus exists, and it is called the Human being. Human beings are currently ending life on Earth. We are destroying the life sustaining eco-systems that we can not live without. The media might want to educate the public about the criminal governments all over the world who are permitting this to happen in the name of corporate and individual greed. Think about it!

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