The Endless Stream of Media Deception Continues…

Even while CNN’s Miles O’Brien obsesses over the space shuttle like a child with a new toy, CNN still has plenty of time for deception. First of all they tell us that the US has lost 21 troops during “the past week” in Iraq. Wrong. We have lost that many troops over the past 3 days in Iraq, not over the past week which is a seven day period. We have lost 30 troops during the past week. In fairness to CNN, later this morning Miles O’Brien corrected himself and said that 27 troops were lost since Sunday. This is more accurate. It is not an excuse for his earlier comments however.

Also, CNN keeps calling the second bombing incident in London the “failed” bombing. Well as we wait for the “investigation” to be completed we do have the comments from the bomber himself and he flat out told the public that it was not a failed bombing, it was never meant to hurt anyone. It was only meant to send a message. He also claims that there were only detonators and there was no explosives, only common flour. A simple sniff can determine this. Why is CNN still making us think that the second event was something that it was not? It is called deception. Think about it!

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