Confronting a TV News Reporter

I left my house yesterday wearing my TvNewsLIES tee shirt that said “Corporate Media – America’s #1 Enemy”, and lo and behold there was an NBC van parked right in front of my house! NBC sent Tim Minton ( and a camera man to do a story on my neighbor who wrote a book on labor unions. I waited until Tim finished his interview and I had a little chat with him.

I asked him why we have not heard one single story about PNAC. He had no idea what PNAC was. I had to explain to him who they were. I told him that journalism is not a job, it is a responsibility. I told him that he held the future of democracy in his hands. I gave him information on PNAC, 9/11 research sites and David Ray Griffin’s book on the 9/11 commission report. I told him that we have people within our administration who were culpable in the events of 9/11 and that at the very least he should start looking into this for his own interest. I told him that he should stop chasing runaway brides and he should try to bring journalism back to the broadcast world.

It felt good to vent. I am glad my anger and rage at the media did not get the best of me. There was a time in my life that I would have expressed my feelings in a less productive way, although I would have made a more lasting impression on the reporter; at least until the casts and bandages came off;-) I wanted to share my little venting story with you.

It was clear to me that Tim Minton is as uninformed as his viewers. This is not the first time I spoke with a news person who had no clue as to what PNAC is. I had similar conversations with both on air news people and news producers, none of whom knew what PNAC was. My friends at the Associated Press never even heard of them. Next time you see a talking head with a microphone consider sharing some vital information with him or her. Maybe one of them will wake up and start talking to each other about the real issues that face us. Maybe one day our efforts will make a difference. Think about it!

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