Go Ahead, Gas Us. Thank You Mayor, May I Have Another?

Today in NY they are conducting terror drills in our subway system. They are releasing “harmless” gas so that they can track how gas flows through the system. This is not the first time this has been done, it is only the first time we were told that it was taking place. As an asthmatic I want to know what that gas is. We have not been told. There is something very wrong when a government releases a gas and does not let us know what it is. Do the citizens of this nation have any control over this nation at all? It seems not.

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  1. eva_louise67 says:

    I was very concerned when I heard about these tests. Is our government 100% sure that the gases that they are releasing for these tests are really harmless. I heard that they let us know this time about the tests unlike the last time they did this same type of test to give New Yorker’s the choice of avoiding these area’s. Why would they give us that choice to avoid the area if these gases were truly harmless?
    What if someone can’t avoid the area. I saw the map of where these gases will be dispersed. I work within the area and live near the area too. I can’t avoid these area’s even if I wanted to. Am I concerned as to what effect these gases might have on me - yes I am!!

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