Another 9/11 Smoking Gun Ignored by the Media!

The 9/11 Kean Commission admits omitting vital information from the final report. This information was related to warnings about the alleged hijackers prior to 9/11. This raises the question of what other vital information the commission omitted. I think many of us know already, but for the people who refuse to question the official story this should serve as a wake up call.

Here is something else to think about regarding 9/11. We know who one of the people who financed Mohamed Atta and yet we do nothing to investigate this person. Perhaps this is because the money trail leads to the CIA, as does the options trading that took place prior to 9/11 that indicated foreknowledge of the events. The head of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) was fired on 9/12/01 because it came to light that he wired Atta $100,000 days prior to 9/11. On the morning of 9/11 this person was having breakfast with Senator Bob Graham and our new CIA Director Porter Goss. Goss is a self-admitted 10-year veteran of the CIA’s clandestine operations wing. Interesting little coincidence, isn’t it? Where is this person now? He is in Pakistan; never having been questioned by the Kean Commission. Interesting how the person who was caught sending Atta $100,000, in essence funding the 9/11 attacks (according to the official story), was having breakfast in Washington with US Senators when the events took place and has been given a free pass by all investigating bodies. The ISI & CIA have a long history of cooperation. Another interesting little fact. Where is the media on this obvious little smoking gun? Think about it!

Sept. 11’s Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh

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