A Study in Hypocrisy

: I would like you all to imagine what TV news coverage would be like had there been a situation where Arab settlers were being evicted from land that they illegally occupied in Israel. I would also like you to try to imagine rhetoric coming from the media had Americans been asked to finance their relocation. I am making no assertions here but I want you all to think hard and deep what the coverage would be like, what the rhetoric would be like and what your attitude would be had the situation been reversed. Personally I think it would make a great study in hypocrisy.

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  1. Custer says:

    Why I have felt American Politicians are so full of it. We say we do not recognize terrorist states. What is Israel? After Chaim Weizemann, their first leader, every single one up to Netenyahu was either a convicted terrorist or a convicted war criminal. They used terrorism to create their state. They are a rogue nuclear country, but that seems to be OK with American politicians. They stole the nuclear technology from America, even were caught, yet nothing of significance or consequence happened. It seems OK for them to use modern military equipment to kill Arabs by the score, but we get upset because the Arabs are forced to utilize suicide bombers. Maybe if the Arabs had a super power GIVING them millions of dollars for weapons they might be able to resist differently. It bugs me to no end, the Jews deny Christ, but the Muslems honor him as one of the greatest of men. Why then do American Christians side with Jews? Yet in America you never get this in any books or news. Why? I wish there had been TV news coverage of when the Jews forced the Palestinians out of their lands. Zoom in as the Jewish commander gives the Arabs their terms, leave in one hour, then we open up with artillery, machine guns and tanks. Then you see the Arab, armed with a single shot hunting rifle from the late 1800s. They have lived in their village for over thousand years. He looks in dispair at his choices, fight and die, or leave with what they can carry. He has heard of what has happened to those that resisted. They are dead, and their villages are smoldering heaps of rubble. Where are the British? Will they come to their defense? Or this new organization, the United Nations? Wasn’t it created to prevent such things from happening? Then we flash a to see the sad trek of Palestinians marching away into the desert as the Jews blast their empty (we hope) village to pieces. What is to be their fate? Here we are 58 years later. They still long for the land of their heritage and ancestors. They haven’t given up. It is as much, if not more their land than an ancient claim that the Jews have. There are possibly some who have an ancestory that predates the time of Moses, or even Abraham. I don’t know what the future holds.

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