Cindy Sheehan, The Media & More Lies.

The corporate news clowns continue to lie to the American public about the Cindy Sheehan. They continue to leave the public with the false impression that Ms. Sheehan’s goal is to get the troops out of Iraq. Some “news” stations have falsely stated that George W. Bush addressed her concerns. Well this is not true. Ms. Sheehan, while wanting to see the troops leave Iraq, simply wants George W. Bush to explain to her why her son was killed. She wants to know why he was sent to Iraq in the first place. She does not want to hear the phony reasons that have been told to us by our lying administration and our lying media, she wants to know the real reasons and she wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Perhaps she should be camping out in front of the PNAC headquarters or in front of the American Enterprise Institute, the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations. They are the people who set the agenda. George W. Bush is just their spokes model. But I suppose Ms. Sheehan, understandably, can only address one lie at a time. Think about it!

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