Crime Pays in the Bush White House!

The promotion of Cristeta Comerford to executive White House chef might mark the only promotion to take place in George W. Bush’s White House where the person being promoted was not a felon, suspected of or implicated in a scandal or is not a member of a secret society, PNAC or the American Enterprise Institute.

The recent nomination for a new head the Air Force marks yet another promotion of a person with close ties to criminal or questionable activity. It is surreal enough to realize that our Attorney General is the guy who called the Geneva Conventions “quaint” and played a huge roll in creating a policy of torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners, but if you examine the promotions within the Bush administrations it seems like the only way to get ahead is to step outside the lines of legal or ethical conduct. Judging by the plethora of former Iran Contra felons and associates, this administration sets a new standard for the phrases: nice guys finish last” and “crime pays!”

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