Christians; Free to Hate, Threaten and Incite Violence!

If a “religious” leader in any nation got on TV and advocated the assassination of, oh, let’s say Ariel Sharon or George W. Bush, what do you think the response would be? Let’s say that leader was Islamic; can you imagine the response?

Why do Christians get a free pass when it comes to calling for the death of others? Anne Coulter has said that we should kill all the Islamic leaders and convert the Islamic people to Christianity. Is this what Christianity teaches? Would she be invited back to all the TV programs that she appears on had she been an Islamic calling for the death and conversion of Jews or Christians?

Islamic people never hesitate to jump down the throat of any Jewish person who has a negative comment to make about Arabs or Islam, yet you never hear a peep out of them while Christians not only threaten and disrespect Islamic people, but take part and cheer the slaughter of Arabs and Islamic people.

Why the free pass for terrorist bigot Christians? Think about it!

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