The Deplorable CNN Morning Crew

CNN now has a segment where a few people (anchors included), sit around and chat (gossip) about things including stories being reported in tabloid newspapers. Miles O’Brien brought up the story about the 9 states that are taking it upon themselves to curb greenhouse gasses. The responses from the 2 women (Soledad O’Brien and Carol Costello were shocking and deplorable (for journalists). Soledad shrugged it off implying that it won’t help especially because only 9 states are doing this. Instead she should have commended these states for taking this initiative. Costello asked Miles if he believed in global warming, as if this should not be the top concern of everyone on this planet who likes to be alive. Perhaps Ms. Costello deserves to be the next victim of the next record breaking hurricane.

This segment exposed the true nature of the people involved in our broadcast news industry. They are ignorant & have deplorable values. Most of all they know nothing about journalism or being a journalist. Think about it!

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