Israel’s Protector - The US Media

All through the decades the US news media turned a blind eye to the land grabs and property seizures committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians. For the first time in ever the Israelis decided to do the right thing and remove their illegal (criminal) settlers from Gaza and the US news media dropped everything to make sure every living human being saw this. The US media praised Israel for their actions. Personally I do not believe that someone deserves public accolades for simply halting their atrocities. Should we thank muggers each time they pass us without robbing us? Let’s face it, Israel deserves credit, but let’s not get distracted from the real picture here.

About 1 day after Israel does something that they should have done decades ago (which may have prevented an inordinate amount of bloodshed), they are committing more crimes against humanity in the West Bank. They are increasing their presence in the West Bank. Where is the media coverage? Maybe they can take 10 seconds away from their search for Doc Gooden to cover the real news in the Mid East and maybe once in a while they can explain the historical perspective in regards to the Israel-Palestine situation. Think about it!

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