Gilardin-How Mankind is Sleeping to the End of the Earth
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Author:  DO.g's [ Fri Oct 28, 2005 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Gilardin-How Mankind is Sleeping to the End of the Earth

This headline appeared in the London Independent in early February of 2005, following a conference at the Hadley Centre in Exeter, England, where 200 of the world’s leading scientists issued the most urgent warning to date: that dangerous climate change is taking place today, and not the day after tomorrow.

Floods, storms, and droughts. Melting polar ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. Scientists from the fields of glaciology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, and ecology reported seeing a dramatic rise over the last 50 years of all the indicators of climate change: increase in average world temperatures, extreme weather events, in the levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, and in the level of the oceans.

The award winning environmental writer Geoffrey Lean wrote: “Future historians, looking back from a much hotter and less hospitable world . . . will puzzle over how a whole generation could have sleepwalked into disaster -- destroying the climate that has allowed human civilization to flourish over the past 11,000 years.”

The overwhelming majority of scientists and international climate monitoring bodies now agree that climate change is taking place, that humans are responsible, and that time is running out. In fact, we could reach “the point of no return” in a decade, reported Lean.

Melting glaciers all across the world include: the Broggi in the Peruvian Andes, Glacier Ururashraju in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, the Pasterze in Austria, Portage Glacier near Anchorage, Alaska, Mount Hood in Oregon, Mount Kilimanjaro in northeastern Tanzania, the Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, and the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland.

Please read this article and understand why Bush and our leaders don't care what they do now, as they make a grab for the wealth of the world at the expense of the environment. We have to stop these megaloenviromaniacs before we become the next expendable item. If they care not for the planet, they care not for us. It's coming down to Us or Them. You're either with Us or you're a scum sucking White Terrorist supporter with Them- The Capitalist Elite liars.

Which do you choose? Their lies or our world? In other words-- WAKE UP, or become lemmings.

The sleeper must awake- The dreamer must face reality. Abandon hope as an ideal. There is no life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Just a delusion planted in your mind of a myth based on a scrap of paper and some pretentious forefathers with an agenda of personal wealth and power.

And I believe Aragorn is another mythical invented character who shouldn't be taken seriously. Another phony character giving sage advice for dreamers. Time to wake up to reality. This ain't Star Trek or Lord of the Rings fantasies. This is real. The last Reel of the vintage motion picture, "High School Madness", as continued throughout your lives, where after the bell rings for the last time, life continues to be a pretend game of "What can I buy now?" and "Hows the weather?".

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