So glad to see this, HELLO!
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Author:  robcat [ Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  So glad to see this, HELLO!

Hi all, I'm Rob. Happy to see that I'm not alone, and it's not just TV News, but I like the url anyway.
This is something I wrote in reply to criticism on another site, it serves as a pretty good intro for me...


If you are one of the few the following is intended for, welcome to my side of the story.

In an attempt to dispel the rumors concerning my patriotism, I've decided to write this.
I love my country. We need a new government.

First, a little background...

I was born in 1963, which means I'm not as old as I feel. I am 42 this year.

My mother was a divorced woman, and raised two children on her own. She had to
move us to the state capital so she could lobby for a food stamp program. This taught me
that no matter how critical the issue, our government will not address it until it's in their face.

I have been a news junky all my life. At nine years old, I remember Walter Cronkite stating
that the news release from the Pentagon said that the US military was pulling out of
Nam Penh (anyone else remember?). The very next news report was from Dan Rather in the
field in Vietnam, reporting on the advance into Nam Penh. This taught me that our government
gives us no credit for intelligence, tells us only what they want to, and lies when the truth is
inconvenient. ("our" government) This has only been reinforced for me time and time (and time)
again. And "reporters" not "embedded" are now warned for their safety.

I had the privilege of eating lunch with my great-grandmother every day for a year in grade
school. She was a good woman, a good Mormon, and a Creek Indian. The eastern tribes have
a slightly different version of Thanksgiving. The biggest "Turkeys" weren't on the table, they
were seated. This taught me that the winners write the history books.

I attended the very same computer classes in high school as Bill Gates, and in the same years.
My family had no money for college... 'nuf said. I blew my credit score years ago, and can only
blame myself.

I joined the National Guard at 21 years, as I felt a duty to serve my community. After the
courts-martial of my drill instructor in the middle of the training cycle for trainee abuse, we
completed the training on our own. I've never seen the movie "Stripes" with quite the same
perspective as most. Upon my return from the training, I was given a general discharge.
"Unsuitable for Military Service". This taught me that no matter the intentions, even the
military would rather not deal with "difficult" issues. And no matter how bitter you feel,
don't bother complaining to your government. It's not their problem.

Two years later, I had "something" happen to me. I am still at a loss to explain it, but one day while
working, I heard/felt a "something". There was a "brightening". At that moment (and every since
then) I knew there is a divine presence. This forced me to reassess everything I had been through,
every word, every deed, every experience. I would recommend this for anyone, but don't call an
ex-lover from five years prior to apologize for being an ass. That action could call your sanity
into question.

Did I mention that I'm a news junky? That isn't entirely accurate, as I'm a history buff, and the
news is history in progress. I get a little irrational about it. But then, I can be forgiven for the
inaccuracy. I'd put my accuracy score against that of the the major media news outlets, any day.

Enough about me. Here are a few facts:

On December 23, 1913, the Congress of the United States passed legislation effectively
giving our economy to the banks. This was drafted in secret, and rammed through
congress. (Sound familiar?) Our Constitution says only Congress shall have the power
to coin money. The Federal Reserve Act put a stop to that.
The primary support for the Nazi Party prior to WWII came from the United States in
Prescott BUSH. With full knowledge of the US government.
Roosevelt knew about the planned attack on Pearl Harbor days in advance. But the US
population was overwhelmingly opposed to entering another war, and only a "significant
event" would change the tide.
Kennedy ordered the issue of currency based on the full faith and credit of the US Government.
Independent of the Federal Reserve. Not to say there might be a connection, but reversing
that was the FIRST item taken up by the Johnson Administration. Even before the funeral.
Nixon didn't do anything much different than any other president, in either the action or the
attempted cover-up. He was allowed to fry. D├ętente with the Soviets wasn't on the agenda for
certain up and coming political potentates. Names like Cheney, Rumsfeldt, and Wolfowitz.
<I have a video clip of a young Don Rumsfeldt explaining that the reason we hadn't seen a build-up
in the Soviet military was due to an increase in their ability to move covertly, thus indicating a
clear and immediate danger to the US, it's really funny to watch... Same "words", different day>
The "October Surprise" that effectively put Reagan into office was brought about through the covert
and illegal negotiations Vice-presidential candidate Bush had with Iran. To delay the release of
US hostages. We don't negotiate with terrorists, right? By the way, statute of limitations on that
would be seven years. Then you can even be elected.
The Iran/Contra affair paid the bill for that with drugs moved by the CIA and the funds used to
purchase weapons sold to the Iranians and Contras. How many in El Salvador died? Where did
the CIA sell the drugs? There are more questions for Mr. Oliver North. He was presidentially

This is only the start, I haven't even reached the 90's yet. Or touched on the Franklin Savings and Loan
scandal, and it's potential to dirty fully half the politicians in Washington at that time (1988). The primary
difference between that and Clinton's Whitewater are the players. They include Republicans.

As are most Media owners.

When "my" government says look left, I'll look right. Democratic or Republican, it's makes no difference.

God help us all.

Michael Moore either an idiot or a genius. I'm leaning towards idiot. Check out Alex Jones. Or,
"The Power of Nightmares", a BBC documentary produced late last year. I have the transcript, it won't be
shown in the US. Not anytime soon.

Rob Clark
Deming, NM

Author:  TheStripey1 [ Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Welcome Aboard, Rob

Author:  Catherine [ Thu Mar 31, 2005 5:00 am ]
Post subject: 

Fantastic introduction and welcome to a fellow history buff, Rob! (I missed the Cronkite report because the only tv channel we got at the time was NBC.)

Good to have you aboard. :hello2:

With all of the forums available here, you should enjoy the time you get to spend at TVNL. I look forward to reading your posts and responses.


Author:  robcat [ Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  I stand corrected...

It appears I was misinformed, Bill Gates is eight years older than I am. I will still put my accuracy up against the major media muck rakers! Now, if someone would PLEASE correct me on any of the rest of my "story".

Author:  Catherine [ Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:25 am ]
Post subject: 

Good morning, Rob..

Would you please put your information in the American History forum, asking for corrections and/or objections from other members who read it?

Thanks... :)


Author:  robcat [ Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  OK

But without my error, boy is my face red. And, the anonymous person that corrected me promoted me to "Crank". Rob

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